Mini Purple Auto Car Anion Oxygen Bar Air Refresher Purifier  Lonizer RIG-8588

Mini Purple Auto Car Anion Oxygen Bar Air Refresher Purifier Lonizer RIG-8588

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Product Features: : The Car 2-in-1 Oxygen Bar can easily produces OZONE and ANION into your car Can rapidly eliminate soot and peculiar smell inside your car Has sterilizing capability, can purify the air, which makes you feels like bathing in the forest when driving The anion is the VITAMIN IN THE AIR, which is BENEFICAL TO HUMAN'S HEALTH ----Cleans your blood, improves your breath skill ----Promotes your metabolism ----Adjusts your internal secretion, relaxes the strain mood ----Eliminates positive charge to your body(trachea/bronchial tube)'s stimulating Has the best pharmacological effects, can effectively relieve the diseases of cough, sneezes, asthma's incidence Product Specifications:: Compatible with all 12V car power, directly plug into the car lighter, with indicator showing operation status The product plugs and plays according to the personal demand time when working have not establish another independent switch NOTE: ----Please be noted that this product has high voltage, do not attempt to disassemble the product before cutting off its power supply. ----Please keep away from tiny tinsel during working, which would lead to malfunction. ----Please unplug the product after working, avoid the overtension damage to the machine. ----Please do not use any alkaline or acid solution to clean the surface. ----Please cut off the power supply during the windows or doors are open. ----When you leave the car, please remove it from the car lighter. Operation Voltage: +12V Ozone Density: 3mg/h Anion Density: ≥60 million/cc Operation Current: ≤60 mA Color: Purple, Silver and Black as shown in the picture Dimension: 24 x 24 x 84 mm Weight: 29 g Package Contents:: * 1 x Car Oxygen Bar

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