About FindDealsFor.me

Our purpose

FindDealsFor.me® was born with only one purpose: to provide a single page to search among many different sites offering free worldwide shipping for their products.

So many deals around the world, why waste time searching in all of them?

Why use it?

  • Find the best price comparing all sites together!
  • Search many sites at once, don't waste hours browsing many shops manually.
  • Find new stuff regularly, and things you never thought existed!

We don't sell these products - we are just an search engine

This website is only meant to be a handy tool to help you find the products you want.

Since we don't sell these products, as much as we'd like to we can't provide any guarantee on the products you buy in linked sites, or the information displayed here.

How do I pay? Is it secure?

Please remember FindDealsFor.me is just a search enginge to help you search accross many different online stores at once.

All purchases are completed in third-party online stores. FindDealsFor.me is not a part of the purchase at any time.

The payment method you use will depend on the store which sells the products you want.

We ordered products from all of the promoted stores and we can assure you they are legitimate.

Even though we periodically gather products for you, information may not be 100% accurate because linked sites update their products from time to time.