Gorgeous Men‘s Stainless Steel Mechanical Wrist Watch  Cool Watch Unique Watch

Gorgeous Men‘s Stainless Steel Mechanical Wrist Watch Cool Watch Unique Watch

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## Specifications Gender: Men's_,_ Movement: Mechanical_,_ Movement type: Automatic Self Wind_,_ Type: Skeleton Watch_,_ Display: Analog_,_ Feature: Water Resistant_,_ Case Diameter: 38-40mm_,_ Case Diameter Approx: 3.8_,_ Case Thickness Approx: 1.2_,_ Band Color: Silver_,_ Band Length Approx (CM): 23_,_ Band Width Approx (CM): 1.7_,_ Net Weight(kg): 0.1_,_ Shown Color: Silver_,_ ## Photos ## Learn More About This Product Self-Winding Mechanical Watches. 1. Put on your watch and swing your wrist back and forth for approximately 30 seconds to initialize power reserve. 2. Set the time and date. 3. Note that your self-winding mechanical watch may stop overnight or appear to be running slowly. This does not necessarily indicate a malfunction or defect in the watch. It indicates that there is insufficient wrist action, kinetic energy, while wearing the watch. 4. Please wear your watch at least 8 hours a day to maximize power reserve. 5. If watch is not worn for extended period of time, please rewind by moving the watch back and forth for 30 seconds in order to initiate the power process. 6. It is recommended to repeat steps 2 -4 every night before removing your watch for the first week after purchase. 7. Wear your watch daily or every couple of days to keep accurate time. 8. Please note that shock and vibrations may affect the mechanism. Please remove your watch when doing hard labor or extreme sports. Set the Time 1. Pull crown to the first position. Note: The seconds hand is still moving. 2. Turn the crown clockwise to adjust the time. (Please do not try to set the time counter clockwise). Set the Date 1. Pull the first gear of the crown. 2. Turn the crown counterclockwise until the previous date appears. pull the first gear of the crown, adjust the date anticlockwise Note: Do not set the date between 9 pm and 3 am. Otherwise, the date may not change properly. If it is necessary to set the date during that time period, first change the time to any time outside this period, then set the date. The No’s of Self-Winding Mechanical Watches 1. Don’t overwind; over winding can cause your watch to fully stop working. 2. Don’t let your watch to be without winding, even if you do are not wearing it. 3. Don’t set the time backwards. 4. Don’t swim regularly with your watch. 5. Don’t keep it in close proximity to magnets like those found in speakers, televisions, or your iPad. 6. Don’t forget to clean with a soft cloth on a regular basis. 7. Don’t forget to store your watch in a dry place. 8. Don’t wear your watch when doing hard labor or extreme sports.

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