Elegant Chiffon / Tulle  With Pattern Daily Wear Scarf / Wrap

Elegant Chiffon / Tulle With Pattern Daily Wear Scarf / Wrap

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## Key Features This warm and cozy fur accessories are made of the highest quality luxurious faux fur and adds a touch of glamour to any cotton, jeans, wool or tweed outfit. A perfect accessory for cooler and cold days. Show off your beauty and confidence this fall and winter with this romantic and stylish fur accessories. ## Specifications Style: Scarves_,_ Occasion: Party/Evening_,_ Length: 170cm_,_ Width: 70cm_,_ Embellishment: Pattern_,_ Fabric: Chiffon_,_ Tulle_,_ Color: As Picture Shown_,_ Tips: Color & Style representation may vary by monitor_,_ Best Match Dresses: Trumpet/ Mermaid_,_ Sheath/ Column_,_ Princess_,_ Ball Gown_,_ A-line_,_ Net Weight: 0.05kg_,_ Shipping Weight: 0.1kg_,_ ## How To Measure ## Learn More About This Product #1. How to tie a cape wrap Step 1 Fold the square so that the ends meet to form a triangle. Step 2 Place the scarf over your shoulders so that the longest straight end is at the top of your back and two triangles corners meet in front. Step 3 Make a square knot with these two ends in front. #2. How to tie a draping Step 1 Drape it around your back and over your shoulders. Step 2 Make sure the scarf is even on both sides. Step 3 Wear the scarf up on your shoulders or down across your arms, with the ends hanging down. #3. How to tie the loose wrap Step 1 Put the scarf around the front of your neck with the ends hanging in back. Step 2 Bring the ends back around evenly so they hang in front. #4. How to tie the slip knot Step 1 Fold the scarf in half. Wrap the scarf around the back of your neck. Step 2 Pull both ends of the scarf through the loop. Step 3 Adjust so the scarf sits comfortably on your chest. Step 4 Leave the knot close to your neck or pull it further away for a looser fit. #5. How to tie a crossed shawl Step 1 Wrap the scarf around your shoulders like you would a regular shawl. Step 2 Cross the left end over your right shoulder. Step 3 This will cover your shoulders and back. #6. How to tie a shawl Step 1 Drape the scarf around your back. Step 2 Pull the ends of the scarf up over your arms. Step 3 Tie the ends of the scarf behind your back in a single or double knot. Step 4 Let the ends hang down in back. Fine Materials Each wrap is made from carefully selected, high-quality fabics chosen for their rich texture, vibrant colors and comfort. __ Detailed Finishing In addition to being carefully cut and sewn, our wrap collection features striking tailored details such as ruching, ruffling and gracefully shaped collars. __ Elegant Tailoring Whether it's embroidery, lace appliques or pearls and beading, our wraps feature beautiful detailing that lends elegance to any event. __ Versatile Designs Our wide range of fabrics, colors and styles guarantees you'll find the perfect complement to any outfit.