Capless Long Top Grade Quality Synthetic Black Party Wig  + Free Gift

Capless Long Top Grade Quality Synthetic Black Party Wig + Free Gift

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Tips - After packaging and shipping, your wig will need just a little care and attention in order to look its best. - Gently brush it out, or use a steel comb or your fingers on delicate curly styles. - Airing the wig out on a wig stand for a day or two before wearing will allow it to look its most natural. - Synthetic hair can be trimmed, but cannot be permed or dyed. - Mixed Human hair wigs should not be permed, but can withstand low to mid-temperature styling and can be trimmed. - For best results, style your wig before putting it on. ## Specifications : Specification Shown Color: Natural Black_,_ : Specification Fiber: Synthetic_,_ Style: Straight_,_ Cap Construction: Capless_,_ Occasion: Daily_,_ Gender: Women_,_ Top to Bottom (Inches): 31_,_ Cap Size: Average_,_ Net Weight (g): 500_,_ Shipping Weight (g): 600_,_ ## Video ## Photos ## Size Charts Inches Centimeters Cap Size: Cap Circumference Front to Back Side to Side Across Forehead Side to Side Over Top Temple to Temple Across Back Nape of Neck Ultra Petite: 48 31 25.5 26 30 10 Mini Petite: 53 32 29 30.5 35.5 11.5 Petite: 55 35.5 30.5 32 37 13 Average: 56.5 37 32 32.5 38 14 Large: 58 37 32 33 39 15 ## How To Measure ## Learn More About This Product ## Color Chart Synthetic:: High Quality Synthetic Wigs are flexible and ensure the wearer's comfort. Human Hair:: 100% Human Hair wigs are soft and feel smooth, natural, and can withstand low to mid-temperature styling. Hair Extensions and Hairpieces: ## : How to choose the material of your hair wig - 100% Human Hair: 100% Human Hair wigs are soft and feel smooth, natural. - Mixed Hair: Mixed hair wigs combine human and synthetic hair for easy styling and a smooth, natural look and feel. - Top Grade Quality Synthetic: These wigs are made from 100% Japanese Kanekalon Fiber, the best choice next to 100% human hair. You can treat them as you would your own hair, with the exception of dyeing them. - Lace Front: The lace piece situated at the front is designed to give a more natural look and feel, the hairs on the lace piece are hand-tied, giving the wig a more natural look and ensuring long lasting durability. - Full Lace: The entire cap is hand-tied and made out of lace. With full lace wigs, the hairline looks very realistic and virtually undetectable. Full lace wigs can endure daily activities such as working, sports and even swimming. - Mono Top: The mono top offers superior comfort. The color of the mono top is made to resemble the same color as your own skin. The hairs are hand-tied to the mono piece, making the wig look natural. - Hand-tied: The hairs on the Wig are hand tied to give a very natural look. In addition, you can also style the wig any way you want. ## FAQ : 1. Can I use low heat to style my wig? A: Unfortunately, any heat styling runs the risk of damaging synthetic wigs. Wigs with synthetic hair can be purchased pre-curled or in any style you desire. Alternatively, you could curl the wig with a styling method that does not involve heat. Wigs with human hair will not be damaged by heat styling. : 2. What type of fiber is used for your synthetic wigs/hairpieces? A: The fiber is made from the raw material Kanekalon, which is imported from Japan. It's commonly used for hair extensions, weaves, wigs and doll hair. Kanekalon is flame-retardant and comes in a variety of styles and textures, plus more than 120 colors. : : 3.Can I color or straighten the hair in this wig? A: Wigs made with human hair can be colored or styled as you would your own hair. Synthetic wigs can be colored, but heat styling of any kind could be damaging to the fibers.:

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