4 Cast Iron Tattoo  Kit for Lining and Shading

4 Cast Iron Tattoo Kit for Lining and Shading

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## Specifications : Tattoo Machine Quantity of Tattoo Machine: 4_,_ Material: 4 cast iron machine liner & shader_,_ : Tattoo Power Supply Power Type: LCD power supply_,_ Input(V): 100-240_,_ Output(V): 3-18_,_ Clip Cord: &Foot; Switch Yes_,_ : Tattoo Ink Tattoo Ink Volume: 40 × 8ml_,_ Color: Golden Yellow_,_ Peach_,_ Carol's Pink_,_ Light Magenta_,_ Fuschia_,_ Mustard_,_ Bright Red_,_ Light Green_,_ True Black_,_ Medium Brown_,_ Bright Orange_,_ Lemon Yellow_,_ Teal_,_ Dragon Green_,_ Mario's Light Blue_,_ Blue Sky_,_ Lavender_,_ Tangerine_,_ Dark Red_,_ Mario's Blue_,_ Banana Cream_,_ Koolaid_,_ Snow White Opaque_,_ Dark Chocolate_,_ Lollipop_,_ Bamboo_,_ Hunter Green_,_ Snow White Mixing_,_ Dark Brown_,_ Grasshopper_,_ Silver_,_ Coco_,_ Lime Green_,_ Bahama Blue_,_ Grape_,_ Platinum_,_ Cherry Bomb_,_ Light Purple_,_ Baby Blue_,_ : Tattoo Needls Quantity of Tattoo Needles(pcs): 50_,_ Type: 5 x tattoo needle RS 5_,_ 5 x tattoo needle M1 9_,_ 5 x tattoo needle M1 7_,_ 5 x tattoo needle M1 5_,_ 5 x tattoo needle RL 9_,_ 5 x tattoo needle RL 7_,_ 5 x tattoo needle RL 5_,_ 5 x tattoo needle RS 9_,_ 5 x tattoo needle RL 3_,_ 5 x tattoo needle RS 7_,_ : Tattoo Grip&Tip; Tattoo Grip: 5 x disposable grip_,_ 3 x aluminum grip_,_ 1 x stainless steel grip_,_ Tattoo Tip: 20 x disposable tip_,_ 8 x alloy tattoo tip_,_ : Other Accessories Carrying Case: Yes_,_ Tattoo Ink Cup(Pcs): 100_,_ Tattoo Ink Cup Holder(Pcs): 1_,_ Tattoo Transfer Paper(Pcs): 1_,_ Practice Skin(Pcs): 1_,_ Anti-Scar Ointment(Pcs): 1_,_ Adjustment Tool Set(Pcs): 1_,_ Disposable Gloves(Pcs): 1_,_ Cleaning Brush Set(5Pcs): 1_,_ Instruction DVD(Pcs): 1_,_ ## Photos ## Learn More About This Product ## Why buy professional tattoo machines from Lightinthebox.com? 1. Certified and Professional Our factory has authentic CE and FCC certifications, and over ten years of experience manufacturing tattoo machines. Click here to see our certification details >> 2. Custom Service & Warranty We offer 24x7 online professional consulting services. In the rare case that you have a problem with our products we offer a one year warranty for your protection. Click here to see details of our return policy>> 3. Fast Shipping Your order from lightinthebox.com will be checked thoroughly to ensure the quality of your tattoo machine. This will require approximately 4 days during the busy Christmas Sales period. Your order will be sent via EMS or DHL right to your door within 6-8 working days of processing. We promise that all orders placed during the Christmas Sales period will be delivered before Christmas Eve.

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