DaYan  Dodecahedron Megaminx 12-axis 3-rank Puzzle Magic Cube  with Ridge

DaYan Dodecahedron Megaminx 12-axis 3-rank Puzzle Magic Cube with Ridge

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DaYan Dodecahedron Megaminx Puzzle Magic Cube - Black Features: .High quality Megaminx 12-axis dodecahedron magic cube of DaYan brand .Nice feel and compact design with corner ridges .Unique 3-rank dodecahedron structure, new challenge for cube players .Compact and portable design for more convenient to carry, play it anywhere as you like .Textured and durable stickers with bright colors highlight this magic cube .Practice your brain and improve your memory .Activate your imagination and creativity .Perfect for testing your mental skill and patience .Adds a lot of fun to your life .Suitable for both kids and adults .Great gift and collector item for puzzle lover Specifications: .Color: Black .Brand: Dayan .Package Dimensions: 858575mm .Weight: 176g Package Included: 1 x DaYan Dodecahedron Megaminx Puzzle Magic Cube -
BROKEN. The product arrived late because it had been retained and then returned to China. When I have finally got the product in my hand, I have looked the cube and I have seen that the blue central sticker was not as it was supposed to be. It was half broken. However, I didn't want to return it because I would have to wait another month or so to get another megaminx. Then, trying to solve the puzzle I have realised that it had a corner broken, because it is too separated fron the pieces next to it. Moreover, the three parts of the corner are always separated and I have to press them to be together. I give one star in the quality rating because the site does not allow me to give it zero. I am now going to claim for a replacementtranslate
Cannot think of a better megaminx. Turning is perfect, not too fast yet not sluggish. Best megaminx on the market. Ke hanism resebles any other Dayan 3x3 which explains this feeling. Ridges make the grip feel bettertranslate
Best megaminx ever. It didn't take to long to recive this packege (only about a week and a half) and I did not expect the puzzle to be this goodtranslate
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