XSJ-8088-GCC2 LCD Screen Wireless GSM Home Security Alarm System  Black+White

XSJ-8088-GCC2 LCD Screen Wireless GSM Home Security Alarm System Black+White

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XSJ-8088-GCC2 LCD Touch wireless GSM Home Security Alarm System Black+ White Features: .Touch keypad: LCD displays Date, Day of the week, time, and current armed status .You can select a variety of font (Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, German, French, Russian ) to meet different market needs .2/4band GSM transmit alarm messages and telephone voice alarm, SMS alarm zone/ police intelligence .30 wireless zones can be extended to 8 wired zones, each zone can be configure the four detectors .Can be set to 5 groups of alarm telephone, telephone in each group can be arbitrarily set to the phone alarm or alarm message, automatic circulation dial .Priority alarm, power-down information is saved to an uninterruptible power supply design, AC/DC .Messaging, remote control, the host keyboard, remote phone, remote control keyboard ( Optional ) five ways to control the arm and disarm .“Learning style” Match wireless detectors, simple to operate . Up to 100 Alarm record of 100 records inquires Specification: .Color: Black+ White .Model number: XSJ-8088-GCC2 .Package Dimensions: 32523070mm .Package Weight: 863g . Power supply voltage: AC input 100~230DC output 1A/12VDC .The quiescent current: <50mA (non-rechargeable state) .Alarm current: <500mA .The working environment: temperature:-10~+ 50℃ Humidity:<80% .The back-up battery: lithium battery 3.7V/1200mAh ( rechargeable battery) . Standby length: 16 hours .Charge time: 12 hours .GSM frequency: 900/1800 MHZ .The GSM transmit power: 2W .Receiving, transmitting frequency: 433MHZ Package included: . 1× wireless GSM Home Security Alarm System .1× wireless magnetic door .1× wireless alarm .1× wireless probe .2× wireless remote control . 1× manual .1× power supply (us plug) .1× attached to the host mounting bracket .1× probe mounting bracket .1× host antenna mounting screws packets of