802 Wired Security Camera  with 30 LEDs (Silver)

802 Wired Security Camera with 30 LEDs (Silver)

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This incredibly flexible camera outputs color image by day and switches to a sensitive black & white mode at night. At low light thecamera activates 30 LEDs illuminators that allow the camera to capture images in darkness. Economic day night security camera for indoor and outdoor applications. Lens, camera and IR illuminator all in one design with weather resistant housings and swivel mount. Image sensor: CMOS. Horizontal solution: 380 TV Line. Monitoring distance: 10-15m. Visual night distance: 10m. IR Illuminators: 30 LEDs. Lens: 3.30 mm. Package Details Weight: 207.58 g Size: cm Package Includes 1 × 802 Wired Security Camera with 30 LEDs __

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