FY-1301 High Resolution VGA to Video  Converter (Silver)

FY-1301 High Resolution VGA to Video Converter (Silver)

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VGA to video and S-video. VGA importation support: 640480 (up to 85Hz), 800600 (up to 85Hz), 1024768 (up to 75Hz) and 12801024 (up to 60Hz). Advanced scan frequency improves the technique, refresh rate can be easily switched between 60Hz to 75Hz. Extra strong 3D image denoising makes the pictures clear and steady. Distinguishing PIP function. The AV/S terminator input interface can be connected to DVD/PDP/PS2/game console etc. Broadband PC/TV selector switch (200Hz). Package Details Weight: 475.08 g Size: 2215*6 cm Package Includes 1 × High Resolution VGA to Video Converter 1 × USB to DC Cable 1 × S -Video Cable 1 × Video Cable 1 × VGA Cable 1 × User Manual __

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