Practical Design Colorful  Lens Military Goggles-Military Frame

Practical Design Colorful Lens Military Goggles-Military Frame

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Main Feature: Military Goggles. Size:adjustable size. Anti-wind effect and comfotable. Easy to use. Frame is padded for comfort. Color coated lens. Specification: weight:55 g size:16.551.5 cm Package: 1 x Military Goggles Grey lenses: Grey lenses can absorb any chromatography, so watch the scenery will darken, but not obvious color difference, to show the real natural feel, a neutral color. Blue Lens: Blue lens can filter out a lot of Blu-ray, can improve the visual contrast and clarity, or fog in the air pollution situation is better to wear. Normal circumstances, can block the smooth and shining surface reflected light, the wearer can see the subtle part is ideal for the driver. Colorful Lens: High-density surface of the lens mirror coating, the absorption of such lenses more reflective of visible light, suitable for outdoor sports people. Yellow lenses: Strictly speaking, not part of the yellow lens sunglasses, because it almost does not reduce the visible light, but in the foggy and dusk, yellow lenses to increase contrast and provide a more accurate video, it is also known as "night vision film ", but also Some people choose to wear the yellow lenses to use as a decoration. Transparent lens: Transparent lens has a little of light yellow in fact, it is more shallow, so called transparent lenses. Mirror can be used as goggles or rain. Need clear point is that UV index and the lens color does not matter, transparency is also a UV400 lens index.
Jun 2015by Gideon
Pros:   goggles so much easier to use than glasses Cons:   lenses can mist uptranslate
Mar 2015by Troy
Pros:   Good quality,and clear view. Cons:   Not a tight to the face fit.translate
Oct 2014by Vincenzo Gallotta
Pros:   Occhiali da sci in italia minimo prezzo 40,00€ Everbuying prezzo molto basso. Cons:   Nientetranslate
Sep 2013by Dieter
Pros:   absolut gut Cons:   keinetranslate
Jul 2013by RAMBO
Pros:   excellent glasses, looks really cool, and very comfortable Cons:   Notranslate
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