Sexy Thicken Stripes Stars Cotton Women Bra +  Pants

Sexy Thicken Stripes Stars Cotton Women Bra + Pants

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This bra is very comfortable to wear and touch with the high quality material. Special design makes you cool and keeps you looking fashion. Stylish, sexy and unique design will make you more attractive. This style bra is a perfect gift for your friends. Now, come to take this sexy comfortable bra for yourself. It is totally worthy for your cost. Specifications: Material: Cotton Brand: Other Brand Made in Asia With the simple design, The bra is convenient to wear Fashion and dynamic style, it can match many kinds of garments This bra can improve the shape of breasts and enlarge the perceived breast size This sexy comfortable bra is a perfect gift for feminine Feminine detailing of the sexy bra makes you feel great and sets a sensual mood Our products are manufactured in Asia, due to the small size, we kindly remind you to be careful while choosing the size Wholesale Bra at, you will get the best price Size Reference Table: : Below Circumference Up Circumference Gap Cup Asia Eur 67.5-72.5cm: 80 ﹤10cm A 70A 32A 72.5-77.5cm: 85 75A 34A 77.5-82.5cm: 90 80A 36A 82.5-87.5cm: 95 85A 38A 87.5-92.5cm: 103 90A 40A : 67.5-72.5cm: 83 10-12.5cm B 70B 32B 72.5-77.5cm: 88 75B 34B 77.5-82.5cm: 93 80B 36B 82.5-87.5cm: 98 85B 38B 87.5-92.5cm: 105 90B 40B : 67.5-72.5cm: 85 12.5-15cm C 70C 32C 72.5-77.5cm: 90 75C 34C 77.5-82.5cm: 95 80C 36C 82.5-87.5cm: 100 85C 38C 87.5-92.5cm: 108 90C 40C : 67.5-72.5cm: 88 15-17.5cm D 70D 32D 72.5-77.5cm: 95 75D 34D 77.5-82.5cm: 98 80D 36D 82.5-87.5cm: 103 85D 38D 87.5-92.5cm: 110 90D 40D : 67.5-72.5cm: 92 17.5-20cm E 70E 32E 72.5-77.5cm: 98 75E 34E 77.5-82.5cm: 102 80E 36E 82.5-87.5cm: 105 85E 38E 87.5-92.5cm: 112 90E 40E : 67.5-72.5cm: 95 20-22.5cm F 70F 32F 72.5-77.5cm: 102 75F 34F 77.5-82.5cm: 105 80F 36F 82.5-87.5cm: 108 85F 38F 87.5-92.5cm: 114 90F 40F NOTE: These dimensions are for reference only Size may be smaller than usual standard, you can choose a larger one Details: Eye-catching design of this bra can makes your bust sexier Removable strap of this women bra gives you much convenience Designed to provide good coverage that supports and centers the bust Stylish, sexy and unique design will makes you more attractive Characterized by smooth, fashionable and dynamic style, the bra can match with many kinds of garments How to Measure: How to Wear: How to Wash: Cotton is a durable, soft fiber, and most clothes today are made of it._ _Cotton is a natural vegetable fiber knitted and woven into fabrics of many textures and weights. While cotton shirts, pants and suits are wardrobe staples for both men and women. Whether your cotton fabrics are voile, organdy, batiste or linen, you can wash them at home and keep these breathable materials clean and pristine. •l _.Pretreat any stains with detergent and cold water. Place one to two teaspoons of liquid detergent on the stains before you load the clothes in the washing machine. Put your cotton fabrics in a small basin filled with cold water. After soaking the fabric for 15 to 30 minutes, gently rub the stain with a short-bristled brush. Roll your shirts, pants or blouses in a large towel to remove the water_ •l _Machine washes white and light-colored cotton fabrics in warm or hot water. If you are concerned with shrinking or bleeding, fill the machine with cold water and use a gentle washing cycle___ •l _Rinse your cotton fabrics on a cool cycle. Use minimal agitation to avoid shrinkage___ •l _ Shake garments after removal from the machine to remove wrinkles_ •l _ Dry cotton fabrics at a low or regular dryer setting. Dry towels and underwear on a hot setting. To prevent shrinking, remove cotton fabrics from the dryer while still damp. Hang in a cool and well-ventilated area to dry___ _Hand-wash lightweight fabrics, such as batiste, organdy and voile in a small basin filled with lukewarm water and one tablespoon of liquid detergent. Hang to dry or press damp with a hot iron to remove wrinkles _ Package Included: 1 x Bra * 1 x Panty