Color Matching Pocket Chiffon  Women Shirt

Color Matching Pocket Chiffon Women Shirt

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Do you want to be cosy in the ot summer? We highly recommend this new type of women shirt to you. The women shirt will make you feel cool in smmer with the chiffon material. And the chiffon shirt is very beautiful and attrcative for young ladies to wear. Never hesitate. Specifications: Made of high quality chiffon material, the women shirt is very cosy to touch and wear The women shirt is casual but can still show your feminine and charm at the same time Fine design and exquisite workmanship of the women shirt can show your good taste The delicate design of chiffon shirt adds some cute elements to you The shirt is fashionable and it will make you an attractive woman Free size fits most people Material: Chiffon Size in Detail: ClothType: Size Shoulder Width Sleeve Length Clothes Length Bust cm: inch cm inch cm inch cm inch /: Average Size 42 16.38 14 5.46 62 24.18 49 19.11 NOTE: These dimensions are for reference only. Specific dimension varies from person to person How to Measure: Details: The women shirt will surely make you stand out from the crowd The sweet colors make the women shirt much more attractive Made of soft material, the shirt is very comfortable to wear How to Wash: Chiffon is sheer fabric traditionally made from silk; budget chiffon is usually nylon, rayon or polyester; both types of chiffon appear in finer garments and household fabrics like curtains. Due to its sheer nature, designers often use chiffon on top of an opaque fabric in special garments, including wedding dresses. Because of the fabric's delicate nature, it's important to clean chiffon only when necessary, and to use a silk-friendly detergent. •l _Add the fabric to the washing machine and fill with cool water. The ideal temperature is 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Do not add any other clothes to the wash, since silk chiffon can bleed_ •l _Pour a mild laundry detergent into the washing machine and set the machine to the gentlest cycle possible. Run the machine on the shortest cycle. The longer the chiffon is in the water, the more likely the colors will bleed and fade_ •l _Dry the chiffon in the dryer on a short, cool cycle. Silk does not take long to dry, so watch it carefully and remove it as soon as it is finished so wrinkles don't set _ Package Included: 1 x Women Shirt