Jacquard Weave Sexy Women Solid Pantyhose1Pcs  NO.6373

Jacquard Weave Sexy Women Solid Pantyhose1Pcs NO.6373

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Pantyhose are one of the most effective ways to make woman beautiful. We are now introducing you the sexy pantyhose for you to make you more beautiful. The sexy pantyhose are soft and comfortable for you to wear. Made of chinlon and spandex, the fashion pantyhose can offer you most enjoyable feeling when you wear them. Being black, the net pantyhose indicate the sense of everlasting fashion. There is jacquard weave over the sexy pantyhose to serve as the most special decoration for your overall dressing. So, so not hesitate and get one pair of the sexy pantyhose for you or your friends! You will sure to be the shining star in the crowd! : Spec Condition: New Type: Pantyhose Washable: Yes Color: Black Body Materials: 91% Nylon & 9% Spandex : Features Features: You will be the focus if you wear this kind of sexy pantyhose to go out for shopping The sexy pantyhose is durable and you can wear it for a long time This kind of fashion pantyh : Packaging Package Included: 1 x Pair of Pantyhose : Color: Black Materials: 91% Chinlon & 9% Spandex With this pair of sexy pantyhose, your perfect figure will be embodied Made of the chinlon and spandex, the sexy pantyhose is comfortable The weave decoration over the fashion pantyhose can is very typical It is very soft for you to wear the sexy pantyhose The pantyhose will be the best pantyhose for your wear in many kinds of occasionst : Foot part of the pantyhose is round and your feet will feel quite comfortable with the pantyhose, and the middle part of the pantyhose brings you the sense of good quality : Well packaged, get well protection : Elasticity is another outstanding feature of the fashion pantyhose, and you can gesture and relax freely with the sexy pantyhose : : : Stylish and sexy, this pantyhose will surely make you more charming : * 1 x Pair of Pantyhos
Jul 2012by courtbug9393
love em!. translate
Jul 2012by Elvira
"I would buy this product again and again. translate
Apr 2012by Débo Shopaholic
Useful stuff of good quality !. translate
Mar 2012by Florence
u will not regret. I've purchased cheaper models that did not suit me well. My suggestion is spend the money and buy this one which u will not regret.translate
Mar 2012by Doris
more than adequate for my needs. While it's not on par with some of the very famous brand products, the item quality is more than adequate for my needs.translate
Mar 2012by Vanessa
pretty. Given the price I paid for this which I wasn't expecting so much. I was happily surprised with the ease of setup and the quality. I love this item.translate
Feb 2012by Jacqueline
great. I like the appearance of the Light, and I believe my daughter will like this.translate
Feb 2012by Aimee
Service was prompt. Service was prompt and the quality was excellent. Just completely in love with this cute item when I received this Net Pantyhos!translate
Feb 2012by Yedda
looks nicer than my old ones. I tried at least two other brands/models before this. What a waste of money. lame quality, lame material, so many problems. On the other hand, this item model works well for me. Highly recommended to anyone who is sick of poorly-performing Pantyhose.translate
Feb 2012by Valentina
everything was good except one. I had used these items a couple of days, everything was good, but the delivery was a little slow, I wait so long to get my item.translate
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