Sexy Solid  Low Waist Cotton Mens Briefs

Sexy Solid Low Waist Cotton Mens Briefs

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If you are looking for a perfect mens briefs for you, here we strongly recommend this comfortable yet stylish one to you. This Boys Underwear will make you cool enough. Made of good material, this kind of comfortable underwear has good air permeability, moisture absorption and anti-microbial. It is healthy for your skin. This Elastic Underwear is durable and flexible enough for your daily using. This underwear is very comfortable to wear and touch. Your skin will never be in contact with harmful pesticides. This mens underwear is the perfect basic component of your underwear wardrobe. You’d better wash this mens panties by hand, quite convenient and easy for you to clean it. High quality material and soft touch, this mens briefs is a perfect gift for you . Besides, this underwear in good looking can make you boy cool and attractive. Best choice for you. What are you waiting for? Come on! Order it now! ## Product Description Specification Buying Guide Return Policies Specifications: Thislow waist mensbriefs features its good air permeability and sweat absorption Mensbriefs of natural and beautiful design makes this low waist men brief soft and smoothness to wear and touch Mensbriefs made of high quality material, durable and comfortable for your daily wearing The menspanties minimal coverage allows for freedom movement and a barely there looks Low waist mens underwearis a very sexy gift to show your charm and get more attraction from opposite sex Free size fits most people Material: Cotton Color: Gray Details: It's a favorite fitness essential, ideal for showing off your hot figure with a standard fit The men brief minimal coverage allows for freedom movement and a barely there looks Rear of the low waist men brief features stretchy design for perfect fit and enhancing your buttocks curve How to Measure: Size in Detail: Size Waist Inch cm Free Size 13.4-21.7 34-55 NOTE: These dimensions are for reference only. Specific dimension varies from person to person How to Fit Men's Underwear Your underwear may well be your most important article of clothing, and cutting yourself short in this department has far-reaching implications. Few salespeople know very much about fitting underwear, and fewer still will talk about it, so it's a trial-and-error proposition that a lot of people never resolve. The many brands are so different that fitting becomes much more than sizing. The quality of the brand and the cut of the article are as important to comfort and utility as the size itself. Decide whether you are committed to briefs, boxer briefs or boxers. There are variations, such as bikini briefs that are simply lower-rise but basically fit the same as briefs. Many (maybe even most) men base their grooming and clothing decisions for their entire lives on arbitrary factors, i.e, what your father wore or what your mother bought you when you were a child. You should at some point buy at least one pair of each style you haven't worn so you can make up your own mind. Some people like to wear two or all three styles (including the low-cut briefs), depending on the situation and activity Select briefs with the same waist size as your trousers. Thus, if you have a 36-inch waist, opt for a 36 brief. The advantage of the brief is increased support, so you should fit it somewhat tightly across the hips and thighs. If this is uncomfortable, you should probably consider wearing boxers. Note: If you have an odd waist size that you are able to fit, you should select the next size up. Briefs only come in even-numbered sizes; thus, a 35-inch waist would take a size 36 brief Select boxer briefs with a bit more flexibility than briefs. The extra length on the leg creates a completely different feel and fit than briefs. In fact, the fit for boxer briefs is closer to boxers than briefs. But start by sizing the same as your trousers if you have been wearing briefs. If you find the leg too binding, try the next (even) size up. If you have been wearing regular boxers, you should probably try the same size as you wear in boxers Select regular straight-leg boxers the next size up from your trousers. Thus, a 36-inch waist would call for a 38 boxer. The advantage of the boxer is comfort and freedom, rather than support. Opting for a tighter fit compromises that benefit, so it doesn't make sense. Most people will find that going up a size improves comfort and flexibility of movement Consider how tightly you prefer to wear your trousers. If you like tight-fitting jeans, you may find that briefs better serve your needs. If you wear hip-hugging low-rise pants, the bikini brief may work better. Relatively loose-fitting dress pants are more compatible with boxers, but you can still wear briefs if you prefer the feeling, the enhanced support and the tighter fit When buying boxers, look at the construction of the front opening or slot. It should provide maximum overlapping of fabric, and the slot should not extend all the way down to the crotch seam. Some brands, such as Nordstrom, will have buttons, which are not very practical, but are still better than the overlong slot found on too many less expensive brands Look for fullness in the legs and seat. A good boxer will have tapered legs and a shallow seat that fits closer to your buttocks. This is important, because a full seat and wide leg will cause the underwear to ride up into your crotch when you sit, and you will usually feel uncomfortable when you stand. Always having to adjust and pull down your underwear is awkward and often distracting, but you don't have much choice when your boxers are continually jammed up high against your hips and upper buttocks. If the leg is well-tapered but the seat is still too full, they will still ride up, but perhaps not quite as far Feel the material weight. Thin underwear not only wears out too soon, but never seems to fit as well as more substantial material. Nordstrom isn't bad in this regard--in fact, their material may be too heavy. probably the best in terms of the balance between overall design and material weight and quality, and they last even longer than the Nordstrom brand Tips & Warnings Buy only 100 percent cotton--never any blend or synthetic material. Silk feels nice, but doesn't clean and wear with as much longevity. You are much better off having seven or eight pairs of underwear you really like that cost you $15 each than 50 pairs you bought on sale or at Sam's Club that never feel quite right. Some stores like Nordstrom will offer their holiday designs and gaudy prints at substantial discounts between seasons--other than the color and design, it is the same underwear they normally stock Paying cut-rate prices for underwear usually amounts to throwing away money Package Included: * 1 xMens Brief