Delicate Eurostyle  Ceramic Porcelain Drawer Door Pull Handle

Delicate Eurostyle Ceramic Porcelain Drawer Door Pull Handle

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Accent your cabinets with this drawer pull.crafted from Ceramic Porcelain is so beautiful. This Delicate Eurostyle Ceramic Porcelain Drawer Door Pull Handle is easy easy to install. Great addition and nice finishing touch to any room. Also works great in a bathroom or on bi-fold closet doors. Specifications: Great as a cabinet handle, drawer handle, or furniture handle Easy installation Also works great in a bathroom or on bi-fold closet doors Nice compliment to any room It can be wiped clean with a soft damp cloth Suit for drawer, door, cabinet, shoe wardrobe Material: Ceramic & Zinc Alloy Size: 130 x 22 x 35mm / 5.1 x 8.7 x 1.4in(L x W x H) Details: Delicate Eurostyle Ceramic Porcelain Drawer Door Pull Handle Crafted from Ceramic Porcelain is so beautiful How to Install Drawer Handles: When one is choosing drawer handles to install, it's important to choose some that are affordable (since you will be purchasing a large quantity) but that are also durable. There are many great places to find the type of drawer handle that will fit your home--home and garden stores like Home Depot; antique stores; retail stores like Walmart; and hardware stores If the drawers are new, make sure they have drawer handle screw holes already predrilled. If not, you'll need to predrill the screw holes to make it easier for the handles to screw in Remove the drawer from the drawer slot and empty its contents (this might be a good time to organize and go through the contents of the drawer as well) so you'll have easy access to where the screws go into the handle from the back Remove old handle. If you are replacing an existing drawer handle, you'll need to grab the appropriate sized Phillips head screwdriver. Hardware screws differ in size so finding the right sized screwdriver ahead of time will make the job much easier. Place the screwdriver on the screws and turn the screwdriver left to loosen the screws for removal. Remove the screws and the old drawer handle Install the new drawer handle. Using the new hardware screws, place them into the holes where the old screws were (or, where the predrilled holes are). Line the screws up with the holes on the back of the new drawer handle, and use your fingers to thread the screws into the holes of the handle Once the screws have been threaded into the holes you can use the same screwdriver to screw the screws into the holes completely, making sure to tighten them so that the new drawer handle doesn't jiggle and come loose Tips & Warnings: Replacing drawer handles is a great way to give your kitchen or bathroom a facelift without paying a lot of money for renovations Quick, easy and inexpensive, replacing drawer handles is a simple home improvement job that actually goes a long way Research the type of wood or material the drawer(s) are made out of before replacing the handles. Different wood may be more delicate than others and require special care Package Included: 1 x Ornate Countryside Ceramics Pull Handle 2 x Screws