Stand Collar  Skirt Style Women's Overcoats

Stand Collar Skirt Style Women's Overcoats

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Do you want to keep your warmer in the cold winter and autumn? When choosing the right coat, you should consider a number of factors such as warm, material used inside and out, clothes worn underneath and personal style preferences. If you think about these facts, our overcoat can give you an answer. This women overcoat will bring you imposing appearance. Stand collar coat is stylish and innovative, and you will be the fashion leader. Forked tail pattern is very fashionable in our life. Besides, this stand collar coat will give you a super elegance look when you wear it. Also the women overcoat is made of high quality woolen materials, which is soft, comfortable and durable enough for your daily as well as business wearing. Making your own versions of this fashion overcoat will guarantee you become a fashionista. It is also perfect for ceremony, theatrical occasion. This fashion women overcoat will surely make you stand out from the crowd! Moreover, you can stay warm and fashionable in this lovely long-sleeve single breasted overcoat in the cold day. Wearing this women overcoat, your sexy figure, your attractive charm, even your inside temperament will be reflected vividly and incisively. Don't hesitate to get one!! Come on!! ## Product Description Specification Buying Guide Return Policies Quality Guarantee FAQ Specifications: The overcoat is made of high quality woolen materials, which is soft, comfortable and durable enough for your daily as well as business wearing Stand collar coat is stylish and innovative, and you will be the fashion leader This stand collar coat will give you a super elegance look when you wear it This women overcoat will bring you imposing appearance It is also perfect for ceremony, theatrical occasion This stand collar overcoat will be your best choice in winter Material: Woolen Details: Stand collar coat is stylish and innovative, and you will be the fashion leader Forked tail pattern make this overcoat more stylish This stand collar coat will give you a super elegance look when you wear it Size in Detail: Size(cm) Shoulder Width Chest Sleeve Length XS 37 84 57 S 38 88 58 M 39 92 59 L 40 96 60 XL 41 100 61 NOTE: These dimensions are for reference only. Specific dimension varies from person to person How to Iron an Overcoat: Your overcoat is probably an item that gets tossed around a lot, leaving lots of wrinkles. Think about how many times you toss it in a chair after coming in from the cold or throwing it in your car just in case the weather calls for it. Though many people are not fond of ironing even their regular clothes, your overcoat should get ironed occasionally to keep it looking polished. Read on to learn more Get out your ironing board and iron. You can also use a flat surface and lay a towel down over the surface to catch some of the heat and moisture from the iron. If you try to iron your overcoat on any other surface, you will make little progress in smoothing out the wrinkles Locate any products you use to remove wrinkles such as a water sprayer or light starch. Be sure that the fabric of your overcoat permits water or starch spray Check your coat's fabric care for information on the type of heat it can withstand. Using a temperature that is too hot for the fabric will damage your coat and using a temperature that is not hot enough will make for a long period of time ironing with minimum success Set your iron to the appropriate temperature for the fabric and allow the iron to heat for a few minutes. If your iron has a steam setting, be sure that is adjusted properly for your coat's fabric Place your coat on the ironing board or flat surface. Consider ironing the sleeves of the coat first by placing one sleeve on the board and ironing each side. If you prefer a crease in your sleeve, be sure to iron that crease thoroughly. Repeat this step for the other sleeve Continue by ironing the front, back and sides of the coat, being careful not to re-wrinkle the fabric as you continue ironing. Iron around buttons and embroidery so as not to damage them Finish ironing your coat by ironing the collar, trim, and any pocket overlays How to Take Care of Woolen Overcoat: Every person is addicted to shopping. Costly or cheap things that attract to eyes are to be purchased. But one thing is necessary that is maintenance of these things. Likewise warm and woolen clothes are also purchased for winter season. But purchasing is not enough, their maintenance is also essential to give your warm clothes to long life Use steam iron to iron the woolen clothes Dry clean the new purchased woolen clothes before wearing it. Don't hang the woolen clothes directly to the sunlight for drying Doesn't iron the slight wet or moisture contain woolen clothes because its shine and color can be faded Don't hang it on the hanger for drying otherwise the it won't we well shaped Pay attention towards the sleeves of the woolen clothes while on drying it otherwise the sleeves become loose Turn over the clothes while washing and drying Don't put woolen clothes on moist place Before wearing the woolen clothes put them in direct sunlight for some time because there might be some smell in it, that disappear in the sunlight. And iron it before wearing How to Wash: Everyone has a few woolen items in their closets, but many of us don't know how to wash them. As a result, we often spend a lot of money having these items dry-cleaned when we could actually clean them just as well ourselves. Read the following to get started Follow the instructions. If there is a manufacturer's on the item, follow the directions carefully Use only lukewarm water. To clean the garment properly, allow for adequate sudsing. Avoid using hot water since it can shrink the fabric Keep it short. Woolens should not be left in wash water for more than 15 minutes. Before removing, rinse several times in cool water Freeze white woolens. Once your white woolens have been washed and rinsed, place them in the freezer for an hour and a half. The cold temperature has a harmless bleaching effect Dry on a flat surface. This prevents your woolens from becoming too stretched or out of shape Fix your mistakes. If a woolen was washed in the machine by accident, reshape it by soaking in lukewarm water. Use a mild hair shampoo to lather and then rinse the item several times Package Included: * 1 x Women's Overcoat

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