Deli Transparent Silkprint Snapfastener File Pocket 5502  10pcs

Deli Transparent Silkprint Snapfastener File Pocket 5502 10pcs

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What are you viewing is a Deli Transparent Silkprint Snapfastener File Pocket 5502. This Convenient Portable Transparent File Holder is ideal if you have many different file on your desktop. The Simple File Pocket is an ideal place to store your receipts, coupons, files, pens, etc. Stylish fashionable and simple designed A4 note paper book bag offers much convenience. This Convenient Office File Pocket consist of a durable material that can be mobile and holders that can carry your file. This Transparent File Pocket is designed to hold Letterhead file. Also it is a very simple bags, like mobile phones, glasses, key. Small enough to fit in ordinary handbag. The Office File Pocket is perfect for organizing student files, file-folder games, forms, and other paperwork. ## Product Description Specification Buying Guide Return Policies Specifications: Multifunction design desktopfile pocket Made of high quality material You can gather yourfileinto thisfile pocket Office File Pocketcombines businessfile holder into a single unit Office File Pocketis a good decoration to embellish your desk A sleek and compact storage solution that keeps yourfile clean, undamaged Transparent File Pocketis a perfect gift for someone special or treats for you Standard: A4 Material Thickness: 0.18mm Details: TheConvenient Simple File Pocketcombines business document file holder into a single unit A sleek and compact storage solution that keeps your file clean, undamaged You can gather your files and documentsinto this Office File Pocket How to Make a File Organizer Organizers can be used for all types of paper documents, from tax forms to magazines, making them an essential part of any office. You can make a file organizer by recycling your used cereal boxes. Paint them or cover them in wrapping paper or fabric material. If you need a stronger file organizer, glue pieces of cardboard together, following the cereal-box design. Instructions: Remove the wax cereal liner from the box. Turn the box so the front is facing you. Measure 4 inches from the bottom on one side. Make a small dot with your pencil. Turn the side with the dot toward you. Make a dot on the other side, 4 inches from the bottom. Draw a diagonal line from the dot to the opposite corner of the box on the front. Draw another line on the back from the dot to the opposite top. Draw a third line from one dot to the other, which should be 4 inches from the bottom of the box. Cut along these three lines with a craft knife and remove the top of the box. Paint the organizer or cover with fabric material or wrapping paper. Glue the edges of the material to the organizer. Package Included: * 10 x File Pockets

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