High Class  Iraurita Nib Fountain Pen

High Class Iraurita Nib Fountain Pen

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If you are looking for high quality fountain pen, now here is the nice High Class HERO Iraurita Nib Fountain Pen.HERO Fountain pen represents a sense of timeless elegance and style which is lacking in other writing implements. Your friend will be impressed by the classiness and sophistication of your new Desktop Fountain Pen. Thanks to the original design, top materials, and exquisite craftsman ship, Desktop Fountain Pen stands for the excellent quality, the trend in the valuable for collectioin, and the witness to history. Brand new Comes with removable ink converter and original box can use bottled ink. Advanced liquid ink system and unique nib of pen guarantee smooth writing.This Office Fountain Pen is convenient and easy to use. Business Fountain Pen is a perfect gift for someone special or treats for you. ## Product Description Specification Buying Guide Return Policies Specifications: HERODesktop Fountain Pen is made of high quality material Monochromedesign makesDesktop Fountain Pen elegant and fashion ThisHERODesktop Fountain Pen is convenient and easy to use The clip design of theOffice Fountain Pen isnot easy to slide HEROBusiness Fountain Penis a perfect gift for someone special or treats for you HERO Fountain Pen is advanced liquid ink system and unique nib guarantee smooth writing Nib Material:Iraurita Details: This fountain pen is made of high quality material that for a long time to use Thispenis designed with advanced liquid ink system and unique nib that guarantees smooth writing HERO Fountain Penis a perfect gift for someone special or treats for you ThisHERODesktop Fountain Pen is convenient and easy to use. The clip design of theOffice Fountain Pen isnot easy to slide How Does a Fountain Pen Work: The Fountain Pen Although fountain pens may seem quaint to many people, they actually represented a big advance on the pens that came before them. Before fountain pens, people relied on dip pens, quill pens, reeds and brushes. All of these needed to be recharged with ink constantly, and most were very difficult to use consistently. There would be a glut of ink on the tip at the beginning of the stroke, and very little by the end of it. Fountain pens were the first to use reservoirs, allowing the writer to continue writing without an ink well nearby How it Works Fountain pens have a reservoir inside the pen that holds the ink. Some of them use a disposable ink reservoir, while others can be filled with an eyedropper. The ink flows down into the nib, where it is dispensed by a thin slit. When a writer or artist draws a fountain pen across a piece of paper, ink flows out of the slit. Gravity keeps it flowing along with what is known as capillary action. In capillary action, molecules of liquid adhere to one another, pulling each other along. When ink slides onto the paper, the molecular bond between the ink particles pull more ink behind, keeping the flow smooth and continuous Uses Fountain pens are not frequently used for jotting notes or other sorts of casual freehand writing. They are temperamental and difficult to use when compared to rollerballs, felt pens and ballpoint pens. Fountain pens can achieve some artistic effects that these other pens can't, however. Because a ballpoint pen has a broad, flat tip, it is extremely useful for calligraphy. By varying the angle of the stroke, the writer can get broad lines or narrow strokes, letting him achieve interesting artistic effects How to Clean a Fountain Pen: The pleasure you take in writing with a fountain pen can diminish considerably if you don't maintain the pen in good working order. Unlike ballpoint and rollerball pens, fountain pens require simple, regular cleaning to perform optimally. Well- maintained fountain pens can last for decades without needing replacement parts. The methods for cleaning these pens also depend on the materials used to manufacture them, such as sterling silver, gold, nickel, stainless steel or iridium. Plan to clean your fountain pen before every third refill Cleaning the Nib fountain pen image by Pali A from Fotolia.com Unscrew the pen block from the pen body and remove the ink reservoir or cartridge Fill an ear syringe or a clean ink syringe with cold water, and with the syringe attached where the ink reservoir normally sits, hold the pen block nib over the empty plastic cup and squeeze the water from the syringe into the nib. As the water passes through the nib, the leftover ink will drip into the cup Refill the syringe and repeat until the water emerges clear from the nib. When the water is clear, remove the syringe. If the nib requires extra cleaning or is clogged, fill the syringe with household ammonia and squeeze it through the nib to loosen solidified ink Wrap a paper towel around the nib and shake the pen several times to force any remaining water from the nib Keep the nib wrapped in the paper towel overnight so that any remaining water has time to dry Insert the ink reservoir or a new cartridge into the pen, reconnect the barrel and re-cap the pen Cleaning the Pen Body Fountain pen image by Alex Dascalu from Fotolia.com Use a soft, clean cloth to wipe down the body of the pen if it is made of celluloid, lacquer or a hard-metal finish (for example, stainless steel, chrome, platinum or rhodium) Wipe down a resin pen body with a soft, clean cloth and at the same time check the pen for chips or cracks. This material is generally less durable and more susceptible to damage from dropping or scratching Use a soft, clean cloth to wipe down sterling and plated-silver pens. If the pen is tarnished, coat cotton ear swabs with liquid silver polish and apply the swabs to the silver. Wipe the tarnish and any remaining silver polish away with the soft cloth Package Included: * 1 x Fountain Pen