Neoprene  Wrap Elastic Waist Support Belt  Band

Neoprene Wrap Elastic Waist Support Belt Band

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Whether you're looking to relieve some minor pain or enhance your weight loss efforts, the Neoprene waist band is an ideal choice. This Neoprene Wrap Elastic Waist Support Belt Band is the best, most versatile lumbar support belt on the market. It provides excellent protection and external support for the lumbar region of the back while also encouraging proper body mechanics when lifting and bending. The deluxe Waist Support Belt provides maximum lumbar and abdominal support in a way no other belt can. This Waist Support Belt is contoured to fit your shape. The Neoprene Support Belt is effective to project the loin muscles from hurt. Made from neoprene which can be closely sticked to the location of required with the feature of wind-proof. This Lumbar Support Belt is a wonderful gift for sports lovers. You'll feel better and protect your spine by maintaining proper alignment. Specifications: This Waist Support Belt with ergonomically design matchs the shape of your spine for more natural posture Double front closure can be adjusted around your waist for the appropriate degree of compression and comfort This Waist Support Belt promotes circulation while reducing overheating Neoprene waist wupport's effective to project the loin muscles from hurt This Waist Support Belt is made from neoprene which can be closely sticked to the location of required with the feature of wind-proof This Lumbar Support Belt is flexibility, durable for use and comfortable for daily wear This Neoprene Support Belt would be an excellent choice for moderate levels of back pain Elastic waist belt is recommended for back pain, muscle pain and muscle injury Widening belt design, which can tighten the waist and lower abdomen Stretchy design, one size fit for most people Waist Support Belt Band is a wonderful gift for sports lovers Material: Neoprene & Composite Nylon Size(when unstretchy): 108 x 30 x 4cm / 42.52 x 11.81 x 1.57in(L x W x T) Details: The _Neoprene_ Slimming _Waist_ _Belt_ can protect and shape your waist This is a neoprene elastic wrap waist support belt band Made of high quality neoprene Identification: Neoprene waist supports generally are a wrap-around band that fastens around the waist with Velcro to securely support and lightly compress the low back to relieve or reduce low back pain It may be recommended by a doctor, physical therapist or a chiropractor to help a patient protect her low back while healing from an injury Function: A neoprene waist support provides a lightly compression and rigid support to the low back and sacrum to relieve chronic low back pain from poor posture, low back strain or injury The sacrum is the flattened, boney "saddle" at the bottom of the spine that is easily rounded when we sit in a chair. Doing so can easily cause chronic low back pain By using a neoprene waist support, an individual can create a taller posture that will not allow the low back to round and create more pain in the lumbar or sacrum areas of the low back The waist support provides firm support until the person develops the muscular functional strength to protect his back from further injury or pain Features: Neoprene waist supports are generally light-weight, wide and attached with Velcro tabs. They can be cleaned with a soft cloth and soapy water There are different versions of the neoprene waist support that include heavier versions for use at work in an industrial setting or lighter, thinner versions for desk work There are versions that can also be worn for sports activities such as weightlifting. Power lifters, however, normally use leather weightlifting belts Benefits: The sacral-illiac joints that are on either side of the spine are often very mobile after a low back injury It is easy to "hike up" one hip slightly higher than another while sitting Using a neoprene waist support can help keep the sacrum in a neutral position so that the S-I joints are also more level, thus helping to reduce low back pain Considerations: Have your physician assess you. You may require a chiropractic adjustment or need to see a physical therapist to learn specific exercises that can lengthen, stretch and also strengthen core abdominal muscles to reduce low back pain Depending on the severity of your low back injury, doing yoga or physical therapy can help speed your recovery Ask your doctor if wearing a neoprene waist support is appropriate for your kind of injury or sensitivity Warning: Do not assume that by wearing a neoprene waist support that your low back pain will disappear Normally, it will require a combination of exercise, stress management and learning better body mechanics to reduce low back pain Also, if you have a job that requires heavy lifting, learn from an occupational therapist how to properly lift Using the legs and abdominal muscles instead of the low back can help prevent low back pain Prevention/Solution: Assess your work and home environment and redesign areas where you sit so that they are ergonomic. Are your feet flat while sitting and head level with your computer monitor? Also, maintain a regular exercise and stretching routine of even 20 minutes a day to keep a foundation of core abdominal strength and traction through the spine to prevent low back pain or injury Ditch high heels or wearing a fat wallet in your back pocket; these habits create an unevenness in the low back that can contribute to low back pain over time. Experiment with different types of neoprene waist supports to determine which one is best for you Package Included: * 1 x Neoprene Widen Wrap Elastic Waist Support Belt Band

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