Sexy Thickened Strapless  Push Up Silicone Bra

Sexy Thickened Strapless Push Up Silicone Bra

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Do you want to have a sexy figure? Are you still envious of the good figure of others? Now you can be one of them. With this women silicone thick push up breast pad bra, you will own the good figure. This strapless silicone bra is customized for ladies. And this strapless push up bra is made of high-density silicon material, durable enough for long time using. Quite easy to put it on, and this silicone breast enhancer is compatible with evening gown, also great for brides and wedding gowns! This strapless silicone bra is definitely those that can bring you more confidence. This strapless silicone bra is a good choice for you.This adhesive bra is designed to provide full coverage that supports and centers the bust. This adhesive bra is the perfect fit. Stretch microfiber body for comfort and great solution tube bra for women who get hot. The adhesive bra gives you the comfortable support of all-day wear, and look great doing so. Easy to apply and remove, strapless push up bra can be washed and reused up to several times It is very easy for you to wear the silicone bra The silicone breast enhancer can offer you better service The adhesive silicone bra can lift, add projection and create cleavage in push-up bras The silicone breast enhancer bra insert pads fit most women Being very sexy, charming and tempted, you will absolutely love this strapless push up bra Very easy to apply on and remove as well, the strapless silicone bra comes without shoulder straps and its backless The strapless silicone bra has a great function of ventilating Smooth, fashion and dynamic style, it can match many kinds of garments Designed to provide good coverage that supports and centers the bust Stylish, sexy and unique design will make you more attractive The strapless push up bra is a magic key to make you charming and gorgeous Material: Silicone Color: Beige How to use ? 1. Flip the cup outward while holding the bra cup by the edges with both hands. Position the cup to your desired breast angle and gently smooth the cup edges firmly to the breast with your fingertips 2. Both hands on the bra cups press firmly for a few seconds to secure the hold Cleaning Method: Hand wash. Hold the bra cup in your hand, wet the whole adhesion surface with clean water, then use your finger pulp to slightly wash it in circles with neutral detergent After cleaning, push up the bra cups or shake off excess water slightly Hang dry the bras in a well ventilated place, and avoid direct sunlight. Make sure the adhesion side is free of dust Tips: Exclusive care detergent is recommended, to prolong the service life of bras and for better effect Each wearing time shall not be more than 8 hours. If longer time is required, take off the bras and clean the skin every 8 hours * 1 x Pair of Strapless Thickened Push Up Silicone Bra
Jul 2012by Albina
Indispensable thing in the locker room. translate
Jul 2012by geo
Very Comfortable. translate
May 2012by Marina
fine goods. translate
Mar 2012by J. Weber
Good product for good price. 12 years ago I lost both breasts due to breast cancer and chose not have reconstruction done due to my age and difficulty in my skin to heal. These are great inserts and do not move about and are comfortable to wear. Great buy on price tootranslate
Feb 2012by brookey
love it. translate
Feb 2012by Jim
As advertised. Very nice product for the money. I use these in my swimsuits that don't offer an uplift. Fortunately, they've held up to the chlorine in the water so far. I'm wondering why they don't offer these in cup sizes rather than one-size-fits-all. I would have given a "5 star" rating had that been the case.translate
Feb 2012by Lee
Can't keep MY hands off them!. Bought these in a fit of low self esteem and have been very happy with them. They're packaged so nicely and are very life-like. They stay in place relatively easily. Although I feel it's a bit like false advertising, they are good conversation starters!translate
Feb 2012by Esme
Worthy Purchase. I bought these because I've always been lacking. I'm about a small B and these bring me to about a small C. I've never had cleavage and with a good push-up they totally give me cleavage! I've never felt so feminine with them! If you're iffy and small like me, I'd say give them a try!!translate
Feb 2012by Wintana
excellent. Even though these are cheaper, I believe that they look more realistic (particularly the side profile).translate
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