Digital Screen  Stroke Shot Putt Score Counter & Pedometer

Digital Screen Stroke Shot Putt Score Counter & Pedometer

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If you like playing a few rounds of golf but struggle to keep track of your score then you really need this handy little score counter which scores a hole in one for practicality. It attaches easily to any golf bag and is easy to use. Specifications: A great gadget for tallying up your score as you play It has two functions which includes golf score counter and pedometer Also features timer, switch sound, distance display, calories consumption, countdown, accumulated time, metric/english selection and alarm mode It aslo can record the number of putting and swing, save the settings of 10 sessions, save the 8 past record Large digital screen display, very intuitive, accurate golf score keeping All of the holes and strokes are on one screen. Easy to use and read Fits in palm of hand. Fits in to any pocket Sleek design. Perfect gift for all golf lovers Details: Digital Screen Golf Stroke Shot Putt Score Counter & Pedometer How to Keep Score in Golf: Keeping track of the score of a particular round of golf can be confusing for the average onlooker. The scoring of golf is easy, simple and easy to comprehend. Each and every golfer has the responsibility to ensure their golf score is accurate or the round can be nullified. This can be accomplished by following certain steps Acquire an official golf scorecard from the clubhouse. The scorecard will have a place for the golfer's name, hole number and the number of strokes the golfer made for that particular hole Write a tick mark for each stroke. This will ensure you keep track of each and every stroke Calculate strokes after each hole. Add up all of the tick marks on a given hole and that will tell how many total strokes were made. Write it down in the appropriate area on the score card Calculate strokes after each nine holes. This will give the score of a golf round after the front and back nine. This is a way to show your scoring in smaller increments Calculate the total number of strokes for the entire round of golf. This will be done after completing the 18th hole Place the ball on the tee and start hitting. Have a great round of golf Package Included: 1 x Digital Screen Golf Stroke Shot Putt Score Counter & Pedometer