KINGDOM  Ultrasonic Spa Guiding Wave Facial Cleaner Wand Massager (110V-240V)

KINGDOM Ultrasonic Spa Guiding Wave Facial Cleaner Wand Massager (110V-240V)

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This is the ideal ultrasonic facial massager you are looking for. The ultrasonic can permeate into deep tissues, radiating heat to stimulate and invigorate; the micro vibration stimulate cells, sparking regrowth and an accelerated recovery effect, and the infrared ray, a natural ray, can be effective in expanding clogged capillary vessels and successful in dissolving the toxins into the blood and out of the body via urine and perspiration. Facial Cleaner Wand Massager Gives a vibrating massage for enhancing tissue conditions including skin, muscle, fat layers. This Ultrasonic Facial Massager beauty can really reclaim your beautiful skin. Specifications: Get rid of that double chin Ultrasonic Facial Massager can reduce wrinkles, double and furrow Beauty enhancement Sparking regrowth and an accelerated recovery effect Ultrasonic Facial Massager can remove old cuticle, oiled waste out of pores Ultrasonic Facial Massager can enhances the absorption nutrition deep into you skin by using galvanic ions Create and maintain a clean and healthy skin Deep cleans and moisturizes Helps remove dead skin and infuse nutrients Equipped with 10 minutes auto shut-off Gives a vibrating massage for enhancing tissue conditions including skin, muscle, fat layers Facial Cleaner Wand Massager can be used in applying cosmetics to lighten dark spots, freckles and age marks Firm the skin texture, anti-wrinkle and fat reducing Voltage: 110V-240V Output Voltage: 24V/250mA Size: 15.5 x 4cm / 6.1 x 1.6in (L x W) Details: This ultrasonic massager can permeate into deep tissues, radiating heat to stimulate and invigorate Enhances the absorption nutrition deep into you skin by using galvanic ions Gives a vibrating massage for enhancing tissue conditions including skin, muscle, fat layers Beauty Therapy Using an Ultrasound at Home Exfoliating: Ultrasound therapy used with an exfoliating facial wash will help with facial skin cells by removing dead cells and replacing them with new ones, alleviating acne and helping remove wrinkles. This can be done once per week with three courses; exfoliating, a toning wash and a moisturizer. The ultrasound waves pass into tissues, which create a micro massage. This can help vibrate the cells and replace old cells with new ones. Ultrasound therapy can also improve blood circulation. This would lead to increasing oxygenation to the fat cells. Fat storage is broken down by the ultrasonic vibrations; these become toxins that the body naturally flushes from its system. The improvement in blood circulation will also help to make the skin feel refreshed Increasing Metabolism: Ultrasonic therapy can also promote a faster metabolism. This makes it easier to burn off fats at a faster rate by eliminating toxins and thoroughly cleansing the body. Ultrasound therapy can treat skin problems like acne and blackheads. The waves of the ultrasonic wand can promote more elasticity in the skin. The vibrations activate skin cells and tissues that may have shut down as the skin ages, and the ultrasound wand can be used with lotions to moisturize skin. The wand also helps accelerate lymphatic circulation, which improves skin by speeding the process by which toxins are removed from skin layers. The ultrasonic micro massage, which causes vibrations in the skin, restores skin firmness as well as the previously mentioned elasticity. It can be seen by the reduction and softening of lines and wrinkles. New cells replace older cells much quicker Renewing Skin Tissue: The heat as well as the pressure of the ultrasonic wand can adjust the ph level in the skin. This renews the skin tissues, which also produces a firming effect. Continuous treatments over a long period of time are highly recommended. Ultrasonic beauty therapy can be used for feet, as well. A massage of the feet with lotion or moisturizer will help the texture of the skin by activating skin cells on the tough layers of skin on the feet Medical Uses: Ultrasound beauty therapy devices were used in the medical profession long before they were recognized for their cosmetic value. The treatment of muscles is much similar to the way the technology works to keep skin healthy. The heat combined with the micro-vibrations of the device penetrates into the cells of the skin. They can break down calcified fatty deposits and help to stimulate release of toxins out of a cell and accelerate the lymphatic process. Through continual use of therapeutic device at home, various benefits can be realistically expected, and not all of them are entirely cosmetic. Both doctors and physical therapists recommend home ultrasound therapy How to Give Ultrasonic Facials Ultrasonic facials exfoliate dead skin cells and produce vibrations that help to remove deep wrinkles and improve blood circulation. Ultrasonic facial machines have different settings and modes, which vary by the manufacturer of the machine. Many include a spatula to remove debris and dead cells. To give an ultrasonic facial, use the attachments and modes appropriate for your client's skin. Spread a thin layer of lotion or infused ultrasound gel on the face or the head of the facial machine as recommended by the manufacturer. Check the manufacturer's directions to determine what kind of gel or lotion to use. Explain the process. Tell the client what changes she'll notice. Develop a plan for repeat visits to eliminate problem skin. Turn on the machine. Choose the mode you want to use. Depending on the machine, there may be modes for ultrasonic, galvanic ion and infrared rays. Place in the ultrasonic setting for deep exfoliation. Move the head of the massager around the face in a circular motion. Follow the muscles of the face. Move the massager around the cheeks first, then the nose. Put the machine in galvanic mode to produce negative ions. Apply the appropriate gel or water to the skin. Use infrared mode to reduce the appearance of age spots, acne and freckles. Move the massager around the face. Use the probe device to deeply clean the skin. Rub the spatula into the skin to scrape out aged skin and debris. Treat acne or pimples from the outside toward the center. Clean the face with tissue, then wash with water. Turn off the unit. Clean the treatment head of the massager with tissue paper. Package Included: 1 x Ultrasonic Guiding Wave Facial Massager