Mini  NW-S-G04 Laser Stage Lighting (AC110V-240V)130*92*52mm

Mini NW-S-G04 Laser Stage Lighting (AC110V-240V)130*92*52mm

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Amazing!!All this wonder and beauty of the night sky happen in your room! just one minute! This stage laser light features a mini laser stage light emits both green and red, this stage laser light has both sound active mode and AUTO mode with speed control and laser.This new developed mini laser stage lighting can make millions of star in your room with amazing effect and adjustable speed! This stage laser projector features a mini laser stage light which can emit both green and red laser lighting. The patterns are constantly moving and morphing. This laser projector can literally fill up an entire ceiling and portions of several walls at once! Laser stage lighting is designed according to the security and good performance, which will be safer to human and environment.This laser light projector is perfect for DJ, Night Club, Disco, Pub, Bar, KTV, Home Party, etc. My dear customer, such a fashionable and delicate laser stage lighting - you heart it? Get it now, bring the wonder and beauty into your room with the Laser Stage Lighting ## Product Description Specification Buying Guide Return Policies Characteristic: Dynamic liquid sky Animates moving starts Cloud formation Fully adjustable motion speed Sound active~Auto-mode All this wonder and beauty of the night sky happen in your room! Specifications: Power:AC power supply inputAC110V-240V/50-60HZ,OUTPUT5.4V 1.5A Laser generator:wavelength532nm/650nm,power50mw/100mw Dimension:1309252mm Weight:0.5kg Panel: Laser aperture LED Infrared receiver MIC Functional Switch power jack fan Functional-switch introduction Times Function One LED off Two Sound-mode Three LED on Four off Remote-controller Mode ON/OFF:Laser on/off Auto:Auot-mode Music: sound-mode Stroboflalsh:Laseer's strobflash LED:LED on/off,stroboflash Details: Useful laser effects projector with stable tripod stand The handle is useful for us to carry the laser star party effects projector Control the projector here Red/Green laser sends out here Notice: Please operate the projector according to the manual strictly. this unit is intended for indoor use only and should be prevented from water, moisture and shake. the working temperature of the unit is 15-30C,and it must be powered off after continuously working hours to let the laser diode cool down. To keep the body of this unit clean to avoid any unnecessary troubles. Do not turn on and off it frequently and try to avoid making it worked for a long time you has better use the original package during the transportation Do not use the telescope to watch the laser rays ,otherwise will be largen the dangers Warnings: The grade of the laser for it is class III B, and will be dangerous if exposure to the eyes directly The working voltage is 110-240v/50-60hz,once exceeded this range its lifetime will be shorten Statement: ** All the projectors are examined strictly before shipment ,in that case the user should operate it according to the manual strictly .we and the distributor will not be responsible for any mistakes cause by the wrong operations