Z68 2.0" TFT LCD CMOS 5MP  12MP Digital Camera with 8X Digital Zoom/ USB

Z68 2.0" TFT LCD CMOS 5MP 12MP Digital Camera with 8X Digital Zoom/ USB

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Nowadays, digital camera has become universal among people. To have a digital camera and keep some most important moment or beautiful scenery becomes fashion. This digital camera you see here is especially suitable for sightseeing and outdoor scenery.This is a Z68 2.0" LCD 5.0MP CMOS 12MP max 8x digital zoom camera. The digital zoom camera features 12-megapixel max resolution, 4x optical zoom, and 8 x digital zoom, adds an aspheric all-glass lens, and provides you HD pictures. With a 2.0" high resolution LCD screen, easy to set up your snapshots and reviews them afterwards. The 8x digital camera also features the auto-brightness LCD technology that ensures perfect screen visibility both indoors and outdoors. With a thickness of only 1.1cm, the digital zoom camera also comes with a user friendly mode dial and a navigation pad that makes operation fun and easy. Also, this camera is designed with mini size, lightweight, low power consumption, high sensitivity, easy to install, operate and also easy to conceal. Compact, attractive and easy to use, this Accurate Camera can go with you anywhere.If you want to record every splendid moments of your daily life, this CMOS digital camera will be your best choice! Do not lose any wonderful moment, your best choice!

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