Cotton Slim Pencil  Mens Pants

Cotton Slim Pencil Mens Pants

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Do you love pencil pants? If so, the stylish Cotton Slim Pencil Mens Pants are customized for you! Innovative pencil design makes the mens cotton pants cool, handsome and outstanding. Made of high quality cotton material, these slim mens pants are comfortable for your daily as well as business wearing. Professional and classy, they will surely make you stand out from the crowd! You can feel the freedom of movement for yourself! Mens pencil pants are popular these years, just stay at the front of fashion with these stylish men cotton pants. Also the mens pencil pants are perfect gift for someone special or treat for you. Don't miss them! You will be the next fashionable one! Specifications: The comfortable mens slim pants is pencil leg style and fashionable Made of high quality material, durable and comfortable Innovative pencil design mens cotton pants make you wear at ease You'll love the mens pencil pants for their freedom of movement Mens pencil pants are suitable for most formal or informal occasions Mens pencil pants can not be harmful your skin The men pencil pants are perfect gift for someone special Material: Cotton Details: Slim pencil style and soft mens cotton pants will make you stylish in different occasions Slim mens pants will give you soft hand and comfortable feel with its high quality cotton material The mens pencil pants can be match with a variety of clothing and make you more handsome Professional mens pencil pants in different colors will surely make you stand out from the crowd Size in Detail: : Size(cm) Pants Length Waist Hip : M 100 72-75 94 : L 102 76-78 96 : XL 104 78-80 98 : XXL 106 80-82 104 NOTE: These dimensions are for reference only. Specific dimension varies from person to person The size detail bases on "Help/Buying Guide/Conversion Reference" How to Measure Men's Pants: Sometimes it may be difficult for men to find pants that fit them correctly. If a man is looking for comfort, he might buy pants that are too big. The pants could also be too long or short. There is a way to ensure that you purchase the correct size pant. If you know your measurements, finding pants that fit becomes easier. Pants that fit well can enhance your appearance and give you a neater style and look A. Measure Your Waist: Place the measuring tape an inch over your belly button. While measuring, stand up straight and do not hold your stomach in. Add another inch to the measurement to find your waist size. Most stores carry waist sizes that range form 30 to 42 inches B. Measure Your Hips: Place the measuring tape directly across the hip bone area. Usually a man's hip area is almost the same measurement as his waist. But sometimes the waist area is bigger then the hips. If the waist is much bigger than the hip, the fit may be baggy around the crotch area and legs. Buy pants that fit the largest part of you and get them professionally altered to fit your body C. Measure Your Crotch: Measure the crotch length by starting at the front center waistline and extending your tape measure in between the legs and up to the back center waistline. The crotch depth is measured by sitting on a chair and measuring from the side waist to the chair seat D. Thigh: measure around fullest part of upper leg while standing E. Measure Your Inseam: Place the measuring tape at your natural crotch to get your inseam Measurement. Let the tape fall until it reaches the top of your shoe. Pants should cover the top of the shoe, but they should never touch the floor. They should stop right over the back heel area of your shoe. Wear the shoes that you will most often wear with the pair of pants you are fitting. Shoes make a difference in the inseam measurement F. Measure Pants for Hemming: When measuring pants for hemming, consider the width of the pant leg, as skinner pants can be hemmed shorter and wide-legged pants look better longer. Measure pants for hemming, make sure each side is equal How to Wear Pants? If you want to be comfortable in a wide range of situations, you may want to wear pants. While in the past, pants were better saved for more casual outings, today it is easy to dress them up so they will be an appropriate and stylish choice for even the most formal setting. Read on to learn more Invest in pants in a variety of fabrics and styles, such as harem pants, dress pants, traditional khakis and wide-leg velvet pants Try on pants with different lengths and with different heel heights to see what suits you best Look for pants that fit you well through the hips and thighs for a flattering look Ask a seamstress to take "OK" pants all the way to fabulous by tailoring for a custom fit Check the washing instructions to find some of the new, easy-to-care-for styles. Many are wash and wear now Realize that many basic pants styles can be dressed up, or dressed down, to be appropriate for a wide range of functions Pair wool pants for work with a tailored blouse and pumps for work. Throw on a strand of long sparkly beads and switch your shoes for strappy sandals for a more evening look Wear khakis with a sweater and boots for casual weekend wear. Throw on a blazer to wear this outfit out to lunch or dinner Make pants appropriate for a formal affair with a silk camisole, metallic sandals and some sparkling jewelry. Take the look down a notch by switching out the camisole for a cropped sweater and flats How to Iron Pants: Nobody likes wrinkled pants. Face it, wrinkles make you look lazy and sloppy, almost as if you rolled right out of bed. There's something about ironed pants that help you look sharp and well put together. Almost all pants, aside from jeans, require ironing. Follow these few steps to learn how to correctly iron your pants Turn the pants inside out. Look for the tag that gives ironing and fabric information for the garment Choose the heat setting on your iron appropriate for that fabric. Linen and 100 percent cotton take a high setting; wools and cotton blends call for medium heat; polyester, rayon, nylon, silk, acetate and acrylic all require a low heat setting Fill the iron with distilled water if you will be using the steam setting on cottons or linens Test the iron on a small area to make sure you don't have the setting too high'this can damage or discolor the fabric With the pants still inside out, iron the waistband, pockets (on both sides), fly area, seams and hems, in that order Turn the pants right side out and pull the waistband over the pointed end of the board. Iron the waistband area and any pleats along the front of the pants below the waistband Lay the pants lengthwise along the ironing board with both legs together and carefully line up any preexisting creases Take the hem of the top pant leg and bring it toward the waistband, folding the top leg away from the bottom leg. Iron the inside (hem to crotch) of the lower leg. Turn the pants over and repeat for the other leg Smooth out both legs carefully and iron the outside of the top leg. Give extra attention to cuffs, if the pants have them Turn the pants over and iron the outside of the other leg Hang warm pants immediately to avoid wrinkling. Fold them through a suit hanger to avoid crushing them in a pant hanger Tips & Warnings: Opt for pants in basic colors that you can pair with many items to get the most for your money Splurge on very well cut, classic styles that will be staples in your wardrobe for years to come Wear control-top stockings beneath your pants for a smoother fit Don't let panty lines ruin your look. Check your rear view before you go out The material in many suits can become shiny with too much ironing. You can avoid this by placing a clean cotton cloth over the area before ironing it Avoid spot-cleaning pants just before ironing. Any wet spots may become permanent stains if ironed Irons are very hot and heavy; avoid ironing when small children are near, and never leave a hot iron unattended Package Included: * 1 x Cotton Slim Pencil Mens Pants