2GB Mini  LCD Screen MP3 Media Player

2GB Mini LCD Screen MP3 Media Player

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Do you want to buy something good with a little money? You can have one excellent MP3 Media Player from us. With this portable Media Player, you can enjoy your favorite music and other kinds of audio materials. The one we are now introducing you is the MP3 Media Player. What a beautiful 2GB MP3 Player! The MP3 Player stores and plays MP3, WMA and ASF files. It weighs close to nothing and fits comfortably in your pocket. The most obvious thing about the MP3 Player is how friendly and intuitive the control sys. The LCD screen can bring you much comfort when you use it and look at the screen. 2GB Mini MP3 Player with LCD Screen is perfect for the fitness buff or traveler. There are three colors of the MP3 Media Player for you to choose from-black, white and red. Each of the colors bears different kinds of meanings so that you can choose your favorite color and the one which has the most attractive implications. The memory of the MP3 Media Player is 2 GB and with this memory, you can store many songs and information according to your need. Being very small, the mini Media Player is easy to use and convenient for carry.So, take one for you and listen to the popular songs now! Specifications: Memory Type: Flash Memory Control Type: Button Connection Type: USB 2.0 Power Source: Built-in Lithium-ion Battery Headphones Jack: 3.5mm Stereo Jack Audio Format: MP3 WMA ASF Work Time: 3-5 hours Built in out Speaker: 0.5w SNR: 65db Compatible with: Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows 98/SE/ME/2000/XP, Linux 2.4.2, Mac OS 10 operating systems Features: There are several kinds of language for you to choose over the MP3 Media Player The MP3 Media Player can support MP3 WMA ASF audio format Built-in microphone over the MP3 Media Player can be used for your convenience The built-in lithium-ion battery helps you to charge the Portable Media Player without using too many things Mini Media Player boasts an array of cool features, as well as distinctively big sound for its small size The MP3 Media Player is made to memorize with the flash memory The memory capacity of the Media Player is 2GB You can send the media player as present to others Details: We can see that the MP3 player is designed in a simple way The memory capacity of the media player is 2GB for you to store things and materials Mini MP3 Player features with USB port and 3.5mm stereo jack This 2GB MP3 Player features with LCD screen and the buttons over it are in round shape From different perspectives, we can see that the media player is in good workmanship The media player is in small size for you to carry with great ease There are three colors of the media player for you to choose from How to Connect a MP3 Player to a Stereo Receiver A number of products on the market are designed to play music from MP3 players in the home. Docks comes with speakers to let you play music while the MP3 recharges, and other units resemble old-fashioned boom boxes with a slot for the MP3 player in the middle. But you can also connect an MP3 player to an older stereo receiver. You simply need the right sort of cable and an understanding of how the MP3 player works. Things You'll Need Stereo receiver with RCA cable jacks MP3 player Connecting cable Instructions Check the back of your stereo receiver. You should see a number of jacks labeled "Input," along with more detailed labels like "CD" and "Tape." The jacks are usually clustered in groups of two: small and circular, with one colored red (for the right audio signal) and one colored white (for the left audio signal). Purchase a conversion cable compatible with your MP3 player: available at Radio Shack, Best Buy and similar electronics outlets. It needs to have a male stereo mini on one end, sized to fit into the headphone outlet on your MP3 player, and a pair of red-and-white male RCA cables on the other end, sized to fit the jacks in your stereo receiver. In some cases, a third RCA cable may appear alongside the red and white--colored yellow for a video signal. If it does, don't worry; you can safely ignore it and still connect your player to the stereo receiver with the cable. Connect the stereo mini end of the cable to the headphone connection on your MP3 player. Make sure no songs are playing when you do so. Turn off your stereo receiver and connect the red and white RCA connectors on the opposite end of the cable to the "Input" jacks matching their colors in the back of the stereo receiver (red to red and white to white). Note which particular jacks you connect them to; you'll need to know in the next step. Turn on your stereo receiver and press the button in front with the label corresponding to the label of the "Input" jack . It should sync up to your MP3 player. Select a tune on your MP3 player and press the play button. The song should play on your stereo. Package Included: 1 x MP3 Player 1 x Data Cable 1 x Pair of Earphones 1 x User Manual

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