Horn Stand Amplifier Speaker for  Iphone 4 - Black

Horn Stand Amplifier Speaker for Iphone 4 - Black

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This horn stand amplifier speaker is pretty cool. It points the sound from your Iphone's internal speakers toward the room rather than letting that sound dissipate. It seems like the internal speakers are normally mostly pointed straight down which is fine for rings but not good for music. This stand redirects that sound. It is a good speaker for your Iphone. - Material: high quality silicone - Effectively enlarges music from your Iphone 4 - 13dB of volume amplified - No external power needed - Holds Iphone vertically and horizontally functions well in hand-free mode Dimensions: 4.17 in x 1.85 in x 1.65 in (10.6 cm x 4.7 cm x 4.2 cm) Weight: 1.41 oz (40 g)
Jan 2015by zeocrow
Good product. Pros: The quality is good, it feels smooth and looks good. Cons: Don't expect a very high sound, It just turns up the volume a little. I think it can be cheaper.translate
Oct 2013by robthetech
Great amplification, very neat!. Improves the sound from the iphone 4 and 4s. Can still use the home button while the phone is seated. Holds the iphone up at a great angle for watching a movie. The horn and dock components are made of rubber, and are held...translate
Mar 2013by AllenBusch
Sort of works. Easy to carry around and use when there is no other option for playing your music from your iphone. Does not really amplify your music, but directs it so it is easier to hear. A good gimmick that allows you to play your to...translate
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