Solar Powered Turn Table / Rotary Display  (4 Panels)

Solar Powered Turn Table / Rotary Display (4 Panels)

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- Durable construction and concise design - 4 solar panels as it's power source - Low power consumption As of the new batch there is no more AA Battery compartment It now is only powered by Solar Panels Dimensions: 3.98 in x 3.98 in x 1.57 in Weight: 4.34 oz

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Dec 2014by Hanniepannie
mooie display voor verzameling. Mooie display voor een verzameling. Kost geen energie of batterijen. Draait niet snel, maar dat is ook niet nodig. Goede kwaliteit.translate
Feb 2014by DaninoEl
very nice turning display. very nice display, it has been turning almost continiosly for over a month (i turned it off when i was away from home) works with daylight as well as with a strong artificial light. very nice size and nice design, the are...translate
Feb 2013by AlphaOmega2k
Good but not the best. Compact. Very compact!!! Can be disassebled for transportation or storing. Does not require batteries or other replacable elements - it works just from the light! It has 4 solar panels so it does not matter which side is 5...translate
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