Protective Matte Frosted Screen Guard + Cleaning Cloth for  Ipad 2

Protective Matte Frosted Screen Guard + Cleaning Cloth for Ipad 2

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The protective matte frosted screen guard is specifically designed to protect the screen of Ipad 2. The screen protector guard can protect the screen of your Ipad 2 against scratches dust fingerprint and stain. There comes with a cleaning cloth to clean the screen. The matte frosted screen protector film guard is perfect to protect your Ipad 2. - Protect your Ipad 2 from scratching dust & fingerprint - Bubble-free application - Anti-reflective - Must have product to protect your Ipad 2 screen - Comes with 1 x cleaning cloth Dimensions: 9.33 in x 7.17 in x 0.00 in (23.7 cm x 18.2 cm x 0.0 cm) Weight: 2.01 oz (57 g)
Dec 2012by boilo
Good product. Good product. Really protect your ipad screen against dust, scratches and finger tips. It also fits perfectly on ipad. Actually it isn't frosted but clean, so it don't reflect the extern light very well. Despite not being...translate
Oct 2012by ticiandrade
Must have!. This is a must have product!!!! Prevents you ipad from getting the screen scretched, plus comes with the cloth, that takes away all the little dusts that get stuck on the screen, making the applicaation of it much There's...translate
Aug 2012by Robertnb
Great product. It's good for protecting the screen and does it's job by not letting it reflect lots of light. It's not very easy do install on the ipad and can be bent in the package (my case) amd become all full of bubbles. You should a...translate