Protective Hard Plastic Back Case for  Ipad - Transparent

Protective Hard Plastic Back Case for Ipad - Transparent

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- Material: hard plastic - Protect your Ipad against scratches dust & shocks - Personalize your Ipad with this case - Special design for Ipad Dimensions: 9.65 in x 7.60 in x 0.63 in (24.5 cm x 19.3 cm x 1.6 cm) Weight: 3.49 oz (99 g)
Feb 2013by Kone10
Good back protection. Neutral outlook as it is transparent, stylish cover and fits perfectly iPad first generation version. Suitable protective covers for iPad one are a bit difficult to find. If you have to change the SIM card of another for a...translate
Aug 2012by joaobarbosa
Really nice!. This case offers a really good protection to your iPad. The plastic is very hard and pretty resistant to pression and impact. Combined with a screen protector and silicone plugs, its enough to keep your iPad perfectly day...translate
Dec 2011by tomhuigen
Very Good Protector case for your iPad. Very good quality! You can bend the plastic a bit so it won't break. Your iPad stays very thin and it's so much better than a leather case or something like that(because then you can't see the the whole iPad). The plastic...translate
Jul 2011by sgerevini
Beautifull, protect without hide your Ipad. - Very beautifull - protects your Ipad without hiding it - Nice quality - comes without any scratches and with a protective plastic films - Fits nicely on Ipad - you dont notice it's there Not cons until moment. I like it....translate
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