12V LED Strip (30-LED  50cm White)

12V LED Strip (30-LED 50cm White)

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This led strip and can be curved around bodywork and fixed in place making it ideal for under wheel arches, around the front grille, under foot-wells, in the trunk, along the dash, etc. 30 pieces of bright high output LED chipsets features low power consumption, bright but running with low temperature - LED color: white - Lens: clear - The coolest way to decorate any vehicles - Safe for indoor and outdoor - Easy to install, long lasting brightness but low voltage(12V) - Good for decorating floor mats, running boards, boat, bicycle...etc . Important: This item may fail if it is used with the car engine running. Voltages can rise above 12 volts and overdrive and overheat the LEDs. If it is planned to use the LED board in this manner the simple addition of a resistor will protect the LEDs. For this item a resistor of 5 ohms and one watt is advised. Add the resistor in to the red wire Dimensions: 19.69 in x 0.55 in x 0.55 in Weight: 2.47 oz
Aug 2015by tincho1000
12V LED Strip. time for deliver was a littlebit slow but the item is as expected and arrived in perfect conditionstranslate
Aug 2013by webcompanion
Good white LED strip. White light temp, maybe just a little blue. Definitely not on the warm yellow temp. My 3 strips all came with connectors on both ends (color gray / white) for easy daisy chaining. Pigtails are short only about 3 inches. is...translate
Jul 2013by vldxacc
attractive. It looks great. The LEDs stick out from a nice looking opaque white bar that is fairly rigid, not flexible like the description says. You could probably curve it just a little. It should be moisture resistant but I don't a...translate
Jan 2013by fnurkla
This is a good buy!. - Low power consumption - Clear white light (not blue tinted) - Protective plastic cover around the led strip/board - Doesn't get warm - Good build quality - Small in size vs. the light it emits - Excellent for DIY - The...translate
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