Anti-Scratch Screen Protector for  9.7" Touch Screen Ipad

Anti-Scratch Screen Protector for 9.7" Touch Screen Ipad

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The anti-scratch screen protector is specifically designed to protect the screen of 9.7" Touch Screen Ipad. The screen protector can protect the screen of your 9.7" Touch Screen Ipad against scratching scraping abrasion dust fingerprint and stain. The protector is perfect to protect your 9.7" Touch Screen Ipad - Protects against scratching scraping and abrasion - Removable without leaving residue mark - Resistant to erosion and finger-printing Dimensions: 9.45 in x 7.24 in x 0 in (24 cm x 18.4 cm x 0 cm) Weight: 2.22 oz (63 g)
Oct 2013by Dankin7
Extra Protecting against scratchs for the iPad screen. Protects the screen very well, clear view through (colors, text etc...). scratch resistance cover the whole front panel. As all other screen protectors today may be difficult to install without dust catch between and left...translate
Apr 2013by Chanelya
Very useful. The size of this screen protector is the same as Ipad. Firstly I cleaned the Ipad screen and then applyed the screen protector. It wasn't so easy but I managed to do it well. It looks now quite invisible and my screen now...translate
Apr 2013by felipefoandrade
Too small for iPad. Ok quality and really protect the tablet, like every other screen protector... But still the price is really low, making it a better option then most other screen protectors here in Brazil. Too small for my ipad, leaving 3...translate
Mar 2013by m2importados
Perfect price!!!. Quality, price. I'm posting this review mainly because there are probably other people like me who are curious if this will work with a generic 10 inch Android tablet computer. It does, kind of anyway. is difficult to like...translate
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