Crystal Fashion Wrist Watch - Pink  (1*377)

Crystal Fashion Wrist Watch - Pink (1*377)

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US$ 4.94 Free worldwide shipping!
- Made of quality acrylic material - Perfect condition to move actually with no noise - Deluxe style design brings you more feeling of nobility - Best gift for girlfriend, sister and colleague etc. - Water resistant (not for diving/swimming) - Powered by 1*377 battery (included) Dimensions: 10.24 in x 1.69 in x 0.51 in (26 cm x 4.3 cm x 1.3 cm) Weight: 1.41 oz (40 g)

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Aug 2016by 10451149
Muito satisfeita. Bom produto. Gostei. Entrega bem rápida. Pedi em 27.07.2016 e recebi em 31.08.2016. Comprarei de novo.translate
Jan 2013by trond1984
Pink crystal watch. this is a cool and sexy wrist watch :) it's cheap :) it fits all occasions :) time is running perfect :) Do you want a pink and cool wrist watch? then it is this one you should buy :) have received many compliments on this...translate
Dec 2010by ArOo38
Cool. For the price, only DX can find one, it's a good imitation of some expensive watches, and has very good price unmatched by others. The price is worth it, thanks to DX The stones that brings out you can fall and spoil the a...translate
Nov 2010by sowart123
Crystal Fashion Wrist Watch - Pink - Great Deal!. beautiful watch, bought about five or six of them for me and friends, great gift, you will find nothing similar at such a cheap price! Perfect summer accessory! Nothing serious, some may have build quality problems, or but...translate
Jun 2010by eleman
Cheap toy. * Cheap * Pink (hence most girls like it by default) * Has shiny stones on it (hence most girls like it by default) * Looks like a watch, from a distance * Does not work. Second moves, but not the minute, nor the hour. * a...translate