Bicycle Tire Tube  Repairing Patches with Glue

Bicycle Tire Tube Repairing Patches with Glue

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PracticalRepair Kit - work on everything from water toy inflatables to bike and car tires.Apply well,durable and weather resistant.What' more? You get 48 patches and a bunch of glue at such low price. Take a few patches and they are a must have to carry. Dimensions: 5.12 in x 2.83 in x 0.87 in Weight: 2.72 oz
Aug 2016by wheelo
Why get stuck without patches. pros: plenty of patches for little money Cons, the glue can run out if not used quickly enough. These are perfect if you are running a business and fix punctures regularly.translate
Nov 2013by JonasSilv
A great number of patches for this price. . . . . . . A great number of patches for this price. The back paper on the patches is sometimes difficult to take away, when you remove the back paper you also detroys the edge of the patch if you not are very careful. This takes . ....translate
Oct 2013by alexgrgr
Good quality. Wow, There are certainly a lot of patches. They are large enough for any puncture. One thing I hate about other kits is that there is not enough "glue" for all patches, but in this case I think the tube is big in...translate
Jun 2013by Walther1
Very good. Cheap and good quality at the same time. Before I use my old tubes to make patches and I always have a leaks. But with this lot I don't have any problems anymore. Maybe sandpaper. But I have one, so it isn't a problem. be...translate
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