Protective Silicone Case for  Iphone 3g/3GS (White)

Protective Silicone Case for Iphone 3g/3GS (White)

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Custom cut to fit your Iphone 3g / 3GS. Surprisingly light and at the same time extremely durable and protective. Made of silicone easy snap-on installation to prevent scratches dirt and bumps as well as being shock-proof . - Made of high quality soft silicone - Protect your Iphone 3g/3GS from any scratch and dirt - Easy to install and remove no any tool needed - Cut-out design allows user can access all keypad / button and slot without having to remove the skin Dimensions: 4.72 in x 2.76 in x 0.75 in Weight: 0.85 oz

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Sep 2013by marcelolagunasc
Great. Great product, flexible, and protects the phone very wellfit just right on the device, came well protected and arrived earlier than expected.Excellent shade of white, not yellow and white ones are not those cream.Beautiful...translate
Apr 2013by Magggma
Ok. Protects the phone for hits and bumps. The spaces for volume control and power are a bit off, it is difficult to use those buttons while the cover is on. Also it is a bit too big, so when you make or receive a call and it...translate
Mar 2013by cricrii
Great case with great grip / Muy buena funda con antideslizante. It is great for the price you pay. It offers a great grip when handling the cellphone. All the holes are in the proper place. It fits perfectly and stays on. It allowed you to place it in a horizontal surface and not to it...translate
Aug 2011by Raoul1995
Very good !!. - It's very cheap, - Fits my iPhone 3G/3Gs perfectly, - It's $5 cheaper than one from a store, - Easy to clean, - It protect my iPhone perfect from dirt en scratches, - There is a hole for your headphone, and also for your...translate
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