Kodak KLIC8000 Compatible Battery (3.7V  Li-Ion)

Kodak KLIC8000 Compatible Battery (3.7V Li-Ion)

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- Multiple protection circuits - Anti-aging, vibration-proof, and strong PC Polycarbonate casing (a bullet proof material) - No memory effect - Quick charge supported (requires a charger with quick charge capability) - Manufactured by PISEN (a well established battery manufacturer) - This battery supports the following models: Z612 / Z812 Compatibility Note: the above compatibility list is manufacturer provided. We suggest you to double check and confirm that this battery's model number "Kodak KLIC8000" matches that of your devices' original battery. - Fully compatible with Kodak KLIC8000 original battery packs - Rated output voltage: 3.7V - Rated capacity: mAh - Battery technology: Li-Ion - Battery casing material: PC Polycarbonate Plastic Safety warnings (the usual ones for rechargeable batteries): - Use only your device's original charger or a PISEN charger to recharge PISEN batteries - Do not disassemble the product - Do not throw PISEN batteries in fire - When not in use for more than half a year, completely discharge and recharge the battery every 6 months to preserve battery performance "