Silicone Protective Case for  Iphone 3g (Black)

Silicone Protective Case for Iphone 3g (Black)

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This case was made to fit Iphone 3g . Surprisingly light and at the same time extremely durable and protective. Made of silicone no installation or tools necessary just slip on and you're ready to go to prevent scratches dirt and bumps as well as being shock-proof and allows access to all buttons and functions. Dimensions: 4.65 in x 2.6 in x 0.43 in Weight: 0.85 oz

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Feb 2015by dlogic
These silicone cases fit very nice. Pros, these silicone covers look and feel great, I would buy it again if I had a need for these cases. Cons, none that I can think of at this time.translate
Mar 2014by doctorjre
great phone protector for an old iphone. Price is great and quality is good. Fit is not too bad out of the box, hopefully it won't loosen too much over time. Fit could get a little loose over time, we will have to wait and see. The thickness of the material is a...translate
Jul 2013by vitamin.g
nice and easy. easy to use; fits good on all buttons; iphone 3GS still works well with this case on it. makes it a little more difficult, to slide out of the pocket and it smells a little in the first days of usage. It is a little than I...translate
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