Silicone Protective Case for  Iphone 3g (White)

Silicone Protective Case for Iphone 3g (White)

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Feb 2013by ConSolmod
Prefect fit for iPhone 3G/3GS. Fits like a glove. Price is fair for the product. Even better price if you buy in bulk. These sell at retails for over $5CND. Worth the money. Worth the time. Buy it to protect your investment. Buy other colour so you can...translate
Feb 2009by DaM3nace
Good value but stretches from use. The case is very soft silicone so it feels very nice to hold. It is extremely easy to put on and take off since the silicone is soft. Has an odor at first but goes away after a day or two. After several months of use, the...translate
Aug 2008by tigerboby
great product. For the price, it is much cheaper than ebay with the same quality. Some on ebay, looks very similar, are selling for 5USD or more. none WHY FORCE PEOPLE TO WRITE A LONG REVIEW? REVIEW ISN'T DEPEND ON WHAT WE WANTED TO FROM...translate
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