Universal Cell Phone and Gadgets Lithium Battery Charger with USB Power  Port (AC 180V~240V)

Universal Cell Phone and Gadgets Lithium Battery Charger with USB Power Port (AC 180V~240V)

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- Universal battery charger clamps (adjustable contact points to fit virtually all cell phone / pda / mp3 batteries, etc) - Automatic polarity setting - AC 180V~240V 50mA Input - Charger DC 4.15~4.35V 250mA Output - USB Port DC 300mA Output Dimensions: 2.83 in x 1.97 in x 1.34 in Weight: 1.66 oz
Jun 2010by UnderDC
It works great. It charges all the batteries that I had out of the box. All you need to do is make sure the little two metal clippings touch the first and last connectors on your battery. The polarity setting is automatic. It works well 2...translate
Mar 2010by meridor
works ok; also works at 110V. Works at 110V out of the box. Unpolarized plug. Charges 3.6 ... 3.7 Volt batteries. Misleading "180V" inscription. Works fine at 110V. Voltage too low on the usb connector (uses same voltage as for the battery, which is is...translate
Feb 2010by Splodgie
Dose what it should. Does what it should, very handy to have when you need to charge a lipo battery and have not got the charger for the device, have not had a lipo battery that I cannot charge with this little unit, only 300mA Output but when...translate
Sep 2009by meanblackbike
Very nice. I finally make a US/EU plug converter to make this working. Well it charged my second battery for my Nokia GSM phone and I like this chatger very much. In the dark it glows very nice during charging. Also fits almost any a...translate
Feb 2009by mgoreiro
Perfect for the Venus C9000 phone batteris. One of the best gadgest ever used... When I bought my first Venus C9000 phone (I have adquired another two for gifts) i tought it will be great to have the two batteries charged simultaneous... And with this charger you I...translate
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