Ego-CE4K 900mAh  E-cigarette E Cig with  EGO-CE4 Atomizer - Red

Ego-CE4K 900mAh E-cigarette E Cig with EGO-CE4 Atomizer - Red

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This product contains no include tar and other harmful substances, only smoker can smell the smoke, never produce second-hand smoke, health and environmental protection is the most prominent feature of this product. It is the best alternative to conventional cigarettes. ## Product Description Specification: Product Name: Ego-CE4K E-cigarette size: L145D14mm Battery size: 8.6cm length Single set e cig of weight: 43g Lithium battery capacity: 900 mAh Battery lifespan: 400 times Moythfuls for full battery: 900puffs Mouthfuls for each cartridge: 90 puffs equel to 4 cigarettes Atomizer life: 85000 Mouthfuls Charging time: 3 hours Features: Working temperature:Ambient temperature from -5 degree to 42 degree Save the smoking cost 80% each year. High-grade appearance design. Skill with enviromental technology. Simulated smoke is emitted as you exhale.This is only vapor and evaporates in seconds. A full charge will last for approximately one day. Suitable for those strictly over the age of 18 years. Not suitable for pregnant or breast feeding women. Package include: 1 battery 1 atomizer 1 USB charger 1 Empty bottle

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