Stiff Car Door "U"  Wedge

Stiff Car Door "U" Wedge

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This new tool allows the user to insert the opening rod between the 2 legs of the wedge saving the tech time and expense. Includes the same stiff wedge insert material as our order wedge. ## Product Description Specifications Description: This tool is capable of exerting extreme force/pressure. Please use this tool with extreme care. Over inflation may cause damage to the vehicle. The manufacturer, distributor, and dealers of this product are not responsible for use or misuse the tool Operation:** 1. This tool is effective when slid between the car door and the weather stripping on the door frame. One the pump is squeezed, inflating the Wedge; the car door separates from the frame. This allows plenty of room to insert a car-opening tool, into the passenger compartment of the vehicle. 2. Insert the tool between the window and the weather stripping which is contact with the window use a car-opening tool or slim-jim to manipulate the mechanics within the door. 3. This tool can be used when framing doors on buildings use this wedge between the door frame and wall to center the door or door frame before attaching the door or door frame to the wall.