V003A  AC220V 0.45mA 315MHz 20 times/Day Wireless Door Chime

V003A AC220V 0.45mA 315MHz 20 times/Day Wireless Door Chime

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38 songs supply for choice, please refer to the below details ## Product Description Description V003A wireless doorbell AC It can remind you there have someone visit your. you can install the main unit separate from the door in 30ms. Convinient! Description: 1.The work voltage of the receiver is AC220V 2.Static electricity of the receiver is less than or equal to 0.45mA(Ultra-low power ,can extend battery life) 3.Work Frequency 315MHz 4.Remote Control /Incept Distance is more than or equal to 40m(in open air) 5..Work Electricity of the Emitter is less than or equal to 15mA(20 times a day by calculating,a high quality battery can use for a year) 6 LED Indicator press the send button,LED indicator light will flash,Emitter work and the receiver receive the order and then send out the beautiful music reminded you the VIP visit, the blue-ray LED of the receiver will regular flash along with the music. 8.Music source 38songs supply for choice, Use the External button "up/down"to finish. (the music include Asia,Europe,Americas famous songs,also has 10 songs of Arab Music Concert which the Middle East customers' like) 9.The function of volume regulate high,middle,low three volume can choice,Use the External switch(or button)to finish. 80M 4D remote control distance is easy for your installation and you can enjoy the music from VOYE in your space and share the happiness if knowing the arrival of your friends.
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very useful product. translate
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perfect. translate
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very good indeed. translate
Aug 2011by Hitoshi
How could I buy so cheap?. I never saw anywhere else such item for this price. and it is working fine.very practical character for daily use.the cheapest I found on Swedish market was at least over 10USD...translate