Universal Motorcycle  Helmet Scooter Goggles Black pilot style

Universal Motorcycle Helmet Scooter Goggles Black pilot style

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Description: Frame Material: import ABS raw Frame Specification: Higher hardened surface, good anti-chemical, and the strong elasticity bring less deformation or any broken Lens Material: PC lens Specification: the glass can be hardened, coated, anti-fog. After be hardened, the glass have good anti- impact and anti-scratch; after be coated, the glass have good anti-impact and anti-scratch and 100% anti-UV, ext. Sponge Frame Material: Sponge covered by corium Specialty: safely cling to face, the softly & exquisite material void to bring any unsuitable feeling to face. Silicone strap Material: 100% cotton, high elastic Specialty: adjustable non-slip( or common high elastic strap; can be adpated to any size of head-wear) Use optics design of the human body, have good exhaust vantilation, widely vision and can avoid strong winds, snow grains, mirage and all kind of strong light Certificate: CE certificate Please note that Package includes ONE Goggle & the pictures displayed are just for showing more details to help you know about the item. Helmet is not included. Package included: 1X Glasses