Solder Desoldering Pump Sucker Vacuum  + 220V 60W Welding Gun Irons

Solder Desoldering Pump Sucker Vacuum + 220V 60W Welding Gun Irons

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Description : _Solder Desoldering Pump Sucker Vacuum __ Remover Tool __+ 220V 60W Welding Gun Irons_ Metal body ,high suction power,light weight,ideal for all types of repairing. All metal construction is ideal for heavy use including production re-work and repair. Providing safe, low cost means of desoldering connections, PC boards and components Large capacity spring-loaded plunger quickly removes solder in a single action. Tool easily disassembles for fast cleaning, tip and "O" ring replacement. Internal plunger pin automatically purges solder from tip with each us Fast heating and high quality 60W soldering iron with AC Cord Requires 220V AC Pencil tip type Perfect for your soldering needs Soldering Iron Length: 23cm (9 inch) Power Cord Length: 132cm (4.33ft) Requires household AC outlet (US standard) Power:60 watts Great for electronics, computer equipment, watch repair and many other hobby and craft projects Application: 20W,30W and 40W models : Radio controls,hobbies and crafs,small electrical parts. 60W: Houshold electrical appliances,capacitors,ects. How to solder: File off any dirt,rust or paint on the part you wish to solder Heat the part with the soldering iron. Apply resin -based solder to the part and melt with solering iron. (Note:When using non-resin-based solder,be sure to apply a solder paste to the part before applying the solder.) Wait for the solder to cool and hardern before moving the solered part. Caution: Handle the heated soldering iron with extreme.Care, as the high temperature of the iron can cause fires or painful burns. The first time you use the soldering iron,it may smoke slightly as the heating element dries out,this is normal and should only last for approx.10 minutes. Never file the specially-plated tip. Package Includes: 1 x Solder Iron + Desoldering Pump 1 x 60W Soldering iron